Villa Of Horrors: Mummified Body Found After 18 Years Missing

Villa Of Horrors: Mummified Body Found After 18 Years Missing


No one thought anything strange of the little old Italian lady who lived alone for decades in her small home. Always leaving her home early in the morning to shop for groceries, always asking the local store for a tub of fat.

It did seem kinda strange to the villagers that an old lady would consume as much fat as she did, but nevertheless everyone went about their own day. It wasn’t until the old lady passed away that a gruesome discovery was made in her home. The missing body of a famous fortuneteller was found hidden away in her home.

It had been preserved and embalmed since 1995, when the missing ‘holy woman’, Borgo-San-Dalmazzo-Borgo-San-DalmazzoGraziella Giraudo, was last seen. All of a sudden, it was clear to the villagers why the old woman would constantly buy tubs of fat.

To the police, the matter of how she died and who embalmed her was priority. The holy woman had last been seen by her husband and daughter in 1995 and since then had vanished. As the police investigate, the small Italian village is quickly garnering unwanted publicity, being dubbed the Villa of Horrors.

Graziella Giraudo, nicknamed the “holy woman” by those who queued up to have her read their fortunes, was found sitting in a locked room, one hand in her lap and the other raised as if in benediction.

Investigators said it was unclear whether she had been dead months or years, but that her body had been treated by someone intent on preserving it.

“It seems impossible for something like this to happen in a community where everyone knows each other. It’s like a horror film,” mayor Gian Paolo Beretta told Il Messaggero daily.

Close relatives living near the small villa where she was discovered in Borgo San Dalmazzo in Piedmont could not confirm when they had last seen her.

“The body is very clean, as if someone had looked after it. Who and how is unclear,” coroner Mario Abrate told the local Quotidiano Piemontese.

Giraudo, who would now be 68, was discovered when the woman she had lived with died.

She had been separated from her husband, who — along with their daughter — told police he had known nothing of her whereabouts, media reports said.

Locals who spoke of Giraudo’s talent as a fortune teller — how “even nuns sought out her advice” — said they couldn’t remember seeing her after 1995.

“We cannot exclude the possibility that she was venerated” after death, local prosecutor Massimiliano Bolla was quoted as saying in La Stampa.

An investigation has been opened “against unknown persons” in a bid to discover who embalmed Giraudo and whether the body in the “villa of horrors”, as it has now been dubbed by the media, could have become a cult attraction for local devotees.

“The lady who lived with the mummy came here to buy a lot of fat. It did seem like a strange request,” a local butcher told La Stampa. –Source: Yahoo News