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One of the most eerie of phenomenas reported are the strange tales of sudden disappearances and teleportation. Cases in which people or objects suddenly disappear from one place to another. Sometimes across the room, sometimes across the planet.

A story goes that on October 24th, 1593, Gil Pérez stood guard at the Palacio Del Gobernador in the Philippines. The Spanish soldier had been on high alert for since Chinese pirates had assassinated Gomez Perez Dasmariñas, Governor of the Philippines, just a day or two before.

As the day grew hotter, Gil began to feel faint and decided to rest against one of the palace walls, resting his eyes momentarily. Upon opening them, Gil noticed that he was no longer at the palace, but rather a different building altogether. What first began as a mild confusion quickly turned into sheer terror as the Spanish guard realized that he was no longer in Manila, but rather had teleported over 9,000 nautical miles away and was standing in the Plaza Mayor of Mexico City.

The distraught guard was put in a holding cell, accused of being a deserter of the Philippine army or possibly having made a pact with the devil. When questioned, Gil’s answer always remained constant. He knows nothing of how he arrived across the Pacific ocean in a blink of an eye, just that it took him “Less time that it takes a cock to crow” to travel the vast oceanic difference.

It was only after two months when a ship from Manila docked in Mexico city and a sailor recognized Gil. He told the Mexican authorities that there had been a tragedy in Manila and that the governor had been assassinated. Just like Gil had mentioned months prior. According to the story, the sailor then reported that he had in fact seen Gil on October 23rd, just before his disappearance from Manila. Gil Pérez returned to Manila and continued his service as a palace guard. Never knowing the truth about how he was teleported across the Pacific Ocean in a blink of an eye.

The story has been around for some time now, appearing in texts a century after the incident is said to have taken place.


  • The Oshmar

    At least he didn’t teleport into something horrible, like the middle of the ocean or a volcano.

  • radioredrafts

    Just think, in order to teleport, his original body had to be destroyed. ^~

  • Gil Perez

    I apologize, my English is not good. But I found myself, after taking another siesta, in 2013 America far in future! I appeared in a crowded place where men in blue gloves were feeling other men’s private parts in what later was described to me as an “airport” – that these citizens would submit to this is beyond me.
    Then men in blue shirts and gloves arrested me for having a sword and sent me to Cuba as a “terrorist”. There I was tortured by well-dressed men who said they were “CIA”. They refused to allow me to write to my Spanish King, and played awful music 24 hour hours a day. I could not go to sleep.

    I escaped and made my way to Florida where I’m an undocumented worker. I enjoy free health care and a funny little card called “EBT”. I now do not want to return to Manila of the 16th century. Life is so much better here and other people pay for it!

  • MagicalBLUberryfrog

    Worm hole?

  • Sinungaling ka tanga

    Tang ina kabug amputa.

  • Cryptozoologist

    Thats insane. You cant do teleportation without a time machine. Thats forced to be unkown.

  • Bobo Nase

    wow that is real possible, This is an old technology if you have an in law who practices witchcraft u must ask her, they do it everyday like from Hawaii to New Delhi in India, distance is not a barrier in some form of hidden technology, we need to tap it then we will say goodbye for ever for aircrafts and you can study and commute from south africa- capetown and Dublin Ireland everyday