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An eerie howl has been heard throughout parts of NYC and it’s keeping residents spooked and wide awake. At 3:15 a.m., a Tribeca resident recorded what he heard outside of his home.



Puzzled, residents have reported the same sounds being emitted from the towering building since first erected. One such incident was when hurricane Sandy hit the eastern seaboard last year. The strong gusts of wind blew through the One World Trade Center buildings creating an ominous sound much like those apocalyptic sounds from the sky stories.

Here’s a video from when Sandy hit NYC

PUZZLED New Yorkers are reporting an eerie sound coming from the new One World Trade Centre building.

A strange howling sound from the building is even keeping local Tribeca residents up at night.

“I first heard this very eerie sound during Hurricane Sandy last year,” Kenny Cummings told the Tribeca Citizen.

The building’s 104-storey Freedom Tower is 1776-feet high (541 metres), making it the tallest building in the US. On top of the tower is a spire, which appears to be the source of the disturbing sound as wind races through its lattice-like design.

Mr Cummings, who raced outside to record the scene on a video posted to YouTube, said he has only heard the sound once since.

“At 3.15am Wednesday morning I awoke to the sound,” he said, adding that the noise was “two tones” and went on for hours.

“I couldn’t be sure what it was at first, but after a moment I realised it was the Trade Centre. Outside it was raining but the trees were calm. I can only imagine at that height the weather is different. I’m sure all of downtown hears this. It’s unmistakable and very chilling.”

The creepy, choral-like sound was first reported during Superstorm Sandy, when the building was lashed with strong winds and rain, turning the tower into a musical instrument.–Source:

  • Pickaname

    “a design failure” Now come on, we all know the WTC architects know exactly what they’re doing, always

  • Pickanothername

    How are you doing now? I mean, being the sole survivor and all

  • Peopleinglasshouses

    When you live in a pressured area it’s hard to do anything except blow those living in a vacuum

  • Prince Petropia

    Mysterious… I wonder what is causing this.

  • IThinkso

    But, whats for the dinner…now.

    “After all attempts at appeals through the federal court system upheld the original decision to remove the feeding tube, staff at the Pinellas Park hospice facility where Terri was being cared for disconnected the feeding tube on March 18, 2005, and she died on March 31, 2005.”

  • oajeeh gani

    It could be the spirits of the people who died when the twin towers collapsed.
    They built the new world trade centre beside where the twin towers were.

  • Irish Bhoy

    It’s the wind….simples