Disturbing Things Kids Have Said When Talking About their ‘Imaginary Friends’

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Some children develop imaginary relationships from an early age. Whether they do it to cope with a traumatic event or for simple comfort is not known. What is know is that most of the children who develop these types of imaginary relationships forget or abandon them once their social interactions begin to flourish. Leaving no negative impact in their psychiatric development into adulthood.

However, there are those stories of imaginary friends that seem too coincidental to just ignore. Stories in which the imaginary friend start to do unsettling and creepy things. Reddit user Rayneyday13 posted the following question in the popular ‘Ask Reddit’ community: What is the most disturbing thing your kid has said when talking about their “imaginary friend”?

What follows are some truly unnerving real accounts from Redditors from all over the world.

–]Rcrowley32 1287 points  agoMy daughter used to tell me about a man who came into her room every night and put the sign of the cross on her forehead. I thought it was just a dream. Then my mother-in-law sent over some family photos. My daughter looked right at the picture of my husband’s father (who has been dead for 16 years) and said ‘That’s the man who comes into my room at night!’ My husband later told me his father would always do the sign of the cross on his forehead when he was young.

[–]mr_whopperpantz 1927 points  ago

A little after i was born, my sister Julia had an imaginary friend named Jessica. She was Julia’s friend for a long time, when things started to get a little weird. At first my parents shrugged it off as a normal occurrence, but after a while they began to believe that our house was haunted .One night as my parents put me (about one years old) to sleep, i begin to cry and point at the corner, my mom was still in there and began to try to comfort me, but i continued to cry and point at the same corner. All of the sudden, my sister walks into my room and points at the corner and yells “Jessica stop it”!

Immediately i stop crying and Julia says like it is completely normal that “Sometimes Jessica likes to put on scary masks and scare people”. My mom who was understandably freaked out stammers to my sister “Tell Jessica that if she cant play nice, she cant play here at all”.

A couple weeks go by and Julia tells my Mom that “Her eyes turn green when she is mad and her voice gets deeper”. My Mom didn’t know how to respond to this and just said “ok….”

Eventually Julia outgrows her “imaginary” friend and stops playing with her.

A year and a half later my little sister Abbey begins to talk, she then goes on to tell us about her friend that no one else can see. She then tells my mom about how her eyes turn green when she is upset. I remember this distinctly because she dropped a pan and it scared me. She asked Abbey what her name was and she said


Edit: yes I understand that it is a possibility that Julia told abbey, there was alot more creepy shit going on, I’m gonna call my mom and see if there is any other stuff that was going on that I can tell you about

Edit: I wish I could make up stories like this, I’d be making a lot more money

Edit: just talked to my my mum, she said stuff would be in a different spot, like the T.V remote would be in the backyard or the dog food would be in the bathroom. She said she assumed it was me and my sisters

Edit: Abbey confirms that shit would move by its self.

Edit: Julia is reluctant to talk about it, I’ll get back to you though

Edit: I realized I didn’t mention this before, I have a seven month old sister. I’m scared she is gonna have a friend named Jessica

[–]macallan_and_cheese 454 points  ago   When my brother was little, he frequently talked about a nun walking around our house at night.

–]TravelsWithTheDoctor 1848 points  ago   My son from the age of three always tells me about the “creeper man” who lives in my mom and dads bedroom. He brings it up after he visits them. I made the mistake once of asking what he looks like. My son said “Oh, he doesn’t have a face.”

[–]BrownXCoat 1589 points  ago   When my daughter was three she had an imaginary friend named Kelly who lived in her closet. Kelly sat in a little rocking chair while she slept, played with her, etc. Typical imaginary friend shit. Anyway, fast forward two years later, the wife and I are watching the new Amityville (the one with Ryan Renolds) and our daughter walks out right when dead girl goes all black eyed. Far from being disturbed she said “That looks like Kelly.” “Kelly who?” we say “You know the dead girl that lived in my closet.”

[–]trethompson 1744 points  ago   I’ve posted this story some where before, but my cousin, when she was 5, and I was 17, had a stuffed rabbit that she talked to and carried everywhere.

One day she was asleep on the couch while I was watching her, and she woke up and started yelling at her rabbit for no reason. One minute she was knocked out, the next, she’s awake, glaring at her rabbit, yelling, “No! You can’t do that! That’s bad! Don’t do it!” repeatedly. I asked her what was wrong, tried to get her to stop, but she wouldn’t listen. I finally just took the rabbit up to her room, and when I came back down she was asleep on the couch again. Fuck whatever that rabbit was planning on doing.

[–]themightyspin 1500 points  ago  My folks’ farm surrounds a cemetery, and my dad and my niece were walking down there. My niece (4) looks up and says “What’s that boy doing up in that tree?” There was no boy, but she insisted there was and could describe him.

Her brother used to have an imaginary Grandma Rose. He said she was dead and helped him when he was coloring.
My kid only had an invisible goldfish he kept in his pocket. It never went much beyond that, so I’m assuming it wasn’t a ghost fish. 

[–]atrevelan 141 points  ago   My adopted Chinese sister had an imaginary friend named Emily when she was little. “Emily” was from China, too, and she had been in the orphanage with my sister. My sister would talk about her like they were lifelong friends who’d never been apart. Once, when we went on vacation to Italy, “Emily” came with us. It was kinda cute, but got annoying. I was 14 and didn’t deal with my 4 year old sister’s babbling to her “friend” very well, so I got snappy with her a few times.

One day, when we were in Assisi we ran into another American family with an adopted Chinese daughter, around the same age as my sister. My parents started talking to them and it ended up that the girl came from the same town. And the same orphanage. And her name was Emily. My sister freaked the fuck out, basically turning white as a ghost. She knew that her Emily wasn’t real, but here was another Emily who fit her exact description, live and in the flesh. She didn’t talk for the rest of the day.After that, she quickly rebounded and would talk about how great it was that we all got to meet her friend Emily in Assisi.

1066 points  ago  When my boy was 4, his imaginary friend would sit in the corner of the room when you switched off the lights and light the room with red glowing eyes, apparently.



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  • Hadley

    When I was from around four to seven years old I had an imaginary friend called “Mr. Nobody” who I always called a ghost that lived in a disco-ball that I’d gotten as a birthday present with his siblings that he would talk about and would occasionally introduce me to one, or two of them, during our ceiling cordial parties but they just stayed captive in the disco ball all the rest of the time except for Mr. Nobody and only he could bring them out out of the disco ball. Mr Nobody also had a car of his own. One day, his daughter, Rose, overtook his place as my best friend and shortly after her arrival I had an argument with her about what game to play together at school and she told me that she would tell Mr. Nobody to never let me see anymore ghosts and sure enough I never had an imaginary friend after that incident. The disco ball I had disappeared after school that day, too.

  • Steve

    Hi, I too had an imaginary friend names Mr. Nobody. He was also a ghost, had a briefcase and a cap. I don’t remember too much about him, but I do remember the day we parted ways. I never thought about it too much until recently, and am now wondering if I’m not the only one to see him. Apparently, there was an episode of lost in space featuring a body-less voice who became protective over it’s human friend, and also was an “imaginary friend” character in Puff the Magic Dragon. Is Mr. Nobody an actual entity in one realm or another, coincidence, or something seated in our subconcious?

  • Aseitas

    When i was littlei had an imaginary friend named Dendesi. I remember telling my family about him all the time. Years later i tried researching his name to see if it has some kind of cultural tie that could tell me more. I havent found very much. My mother always thought it was strange that i came up with such a unique name when she asked me who i was talking to. She said i told her his name very matter of factly. If anybody knows a language that this a word or common name in please let me know. Just as a side note, apperantly i told my mom that i used to have a husband that was mean to me and i hated him. We lived on a farm and had cows etc. Dendesi was my best friend who worked where we lived and he would protect me from my husband.

  • RednGreen

    Interesting. It sounds like it had more to do with past life memories. I’m not saying I believe completely in past life memories, but what you are saying seems to fall in line with other past life accounts of children.

    Also, Dendesi Giragi means Sunday of the Steward in the Armenian Community. At least it is according to this article:


  • Aseitas

    Oh. Jeez that’s a little creepy! Always thought my “friend” worked for my husband. “dendesi” apperantly means “Steward” in Armenian! I’ve wondered about that all my life. I’m not Armenian, and I dont know anyone Armenian. Maybe looking into this would help! Thanks RednGreen! P.S. Just did a search for “ուղեկցորդ” which is dendesi in Armenian, apparently the same word also means “guide”.

  • Guest

    I had a whole family of imaginary friends. There was the father, Peter, the mother was called Rachel and fraternal twins, Peter and Abi.
    I made up several things about them like schools and all that and was always with them. They lived in the playhouse I had outside.
    Anyway, I began getting bored of them and I killed off Senior with cancer and Rachel and Peter in a fire.
    I let go of Abi just before I started secondary. It was accidental, we were having an argument while my parents were out and I picked up a kitchen knife and ran her through (well, through thin air). As she died she said something that I don’t know if it involved my imagination or something “You’ll find a new Abi”.
    First day of secondary school. I spend all day with a pretty girl and we flirted a lot. At the final bell I asked her what her name was.
    ” I’m Abi.”
    And I felt the last of my imaginary friend leave.

  • Hails3300

    When i was a child about 3 or so my mom was on one end of the hall and i was on the other rolling the ball back and forth. We were playing for a good 15 mins before i caught the ball, glanced up, and froze for a few seconds… my mom was like “ hailee, roll the ball back! “ but i said “ no mommy! “ As she asked me why i couldn’t i told her “ because the lady in the hallway told me not to “ . Now as a single parent alone with a child in the house must have been frightening. Later over the years i would sit and talk to walls and such, but nothing super unoradnary would happen until my sister was about 3-4. She had this imaginary friend she called “ poker “. but thats another story.

  • Julianna

    when I was around 6 we lived a few blocks from the Mexican border. I had a friend who lived in the woods behind our house which I believed was real and that everyone could see him. He was an older man and spoke no english. Only Mexican Spanish. At first I could only understand a little of what he said but eventually I could understand him easily. He was very kind and would feed the deer, they ate corn out of his hand. We would walk or sit under a tree and talk for hours. He didn’t want me to tell anyone about him, he said that people would be angry. He told me what he wanted me to do in life, he said he wanted me to help and care for people. He would show me plants and tell me that this is sued for upset stomach etc. I called him Mr Carlos. Later, after we moved, I told my mother about Mr Carlos, She said I had just heard stories and had made up the rest. Mr Carlos had owned all the property around that place for many years but had died long before I was born. His name was Carlos something but his workers called him Mr Carlos. I went on to study herbalism and have been a working herbalist and healer for 30 years. I’m 50 now and still often think of Mr Carlos, he was my kind friend and teacher.

  • Ariel

    That’s a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing!

  • Momo Chaine

    thank you for sharing ur topic i did read thet in other blog can please someone explain to me *Your child’s newfound friend may join you occasionally or on a consistent basis. Invisible pals come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, names, ages, and habits, and they are not always people. Mocking or barring the fantasy will most likely encourage the behavior or the child to keep his “friend” a secret. The authors of What To Expect: The Toddler Years point out that children who use creativity to cope with life changes or problems need to express themselves. Creativity in the form of imaginary playmates allows children to reveal things they would otherwise be unable to verbalize.

    Allow your child to decide how much you can engage in his or her fantasy. Respect your child’s space and let her take the lead. If the “friend” often rides in the family car, don’t ask if she’s joining you today; wait to be told. Once given the okay by your child, it’s fine to talk to or about the imaginary friend, but it’s is important for children to remain in control of the fantasy. Interfering too much can cause friction, anger or power struggles.* hguf,العاب شمس,ttt4

  • Lilian

    Since I came back from certain countries, I noticed I took a few spirits back with me.
    Two I send away right after they appeared, because all they did was showing me skulls and screaming in my face, which was terrifying.
    One child started screaming too, but I asked her to calm down and she told me her name was Noah, with an h.
    She said; you need to find my parents, they need to know I’m stuck. They need to know I died and how I died. You can google me!’
    I googled, but didn’t find anything, so I told her to talk to other lightspirits, not me. Another woman thought she might be from the second world war, so her parents were already dead and she could tell them herself.

    Also, after I went to the spookiest abandoned childrenshospital in Berlin 9don’t ask me why), I was visited (about one week later) by +/- 10 German schoolgirls. There were two weird nuns, who were playing around and looked like guys, but the girls were introducing themselves and loved my room.
    I panicked first and whispered; ‘I do not want anyone in my room..is there anyone in my room now?’ In my head, I heared an echo-ing; ‘JA!’ in multiple kid-voices.
    I panicked more and whispered; ‘Please leave..go outside, talk to lightspirits..’ And I heared; ‘Hihi, okay!!!’ with a German accent and the voices faded.
    I still feel that they are there and that they love to play around with my ornaments and glittery decorations, and they’re allowed to, as long as they don’t frighten me or talk to me, out of the blue.

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  • RednGreen

    My daughter is starting to talk. She sometimes will look to another part of the room and light up and wave and say, “Hi! How are you?!”

    I’m not a fan of it.

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