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Someone, if not the government, is reporting on radiation readings taken on the northern California coast.

The following video was taken on 12-24-13 with an Inspector Plus geiger counter by ‘Dave’ giving readings on a Northern California beach due West of San Mateo. The beach is south of Princeton Harbor which in turn is just south of Pillar Point where ‘Mavericks’ big surf comes in. The best description is the San Mateo Coast. Just south again from Princeton Harbor begins the City of Half Moon Bay.

As you will see, the normal background radiation above the small bluff at this beach is about 30 CPM (Counts Per Minute).
The video is self-explanatory and we are greatly indebted to Dave for making it and sending it in. Today’s readings on the beach were taken standing up…with the Inspector about 5 feet off the ground.

On Thursday, 12-19, four days earlier, Dave went to the same beach but with a plastic bag for his Inspector. He placed it down about 2 inches above the sand and got radioactive readings of 412 Counts Per Minute (CPM)..over 13 TIMES NORMAL BACKGROUND of 30 CPM. See the readout chart below…

Whether these stories are directly related or merely coincidence, I am not here to forward an opinion. They appear in conjunction with the story above and their impact and import are undeniable. There are threats to the ocean ecology that need to be studied and addressed.

From The Vancouver Sun

Sudden disappearance of sardines has serious economic and ecological effects on the B.C. coast

By Larry Pynn, Vancouver Sun October 14, 2013

A $32-million commercial fishery has inexplicably and completely collapsed this year on the B.C. coast.

The sardine seine fleet has gone home after failing to catch a single fish. And the commercial disappearance of the small schooling fish is having repercussions all the way up the food chain to threatened humpback whales.

From Natural News

Researchers tiptoe around Fukushima disaster, the most likely cause of starfish wasting disease
While previous starfish die-offs reportedly occurred in the area back in the 1980s and 1990s, this latest event, which stretches thousands of miles along the Pacific Coast, is by far the most severe. Instead of just one species being affected, as was the case during previous outbreaks, every species of sea star is implicated this time around.

“Whatever it is that must be in the water is affecting our animals as well,” added Dr. Michael Murray from the Monterey Bay Aquarium, explaining to reporters that some of the starfish being held at the aquarium have also fallen victim to the disease.

At this point, experts are investigating things like warmer water, lower oxygen levels and ocean acidification as potential causes of the strange illness, all of which could be legitimate culprits. But the biggest elephant in the room, the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear catastrophe, remains mostly untouched by the scientists investigating the situation.

“I’ve had probably 100 emails thus far saying, ‘What about Fukushima, because of radiation?’ … We haven’t ruled that out yet but we’re clearly not ruling that in,” opined Raimondi in politically correct ambiguity.
Regardless of the true cause, there is no denying that starfish wasting disease threatens to obliterate the delicate marine ecosystems of our world’s oceans. According to The Sydney Morning Herald, both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans are now harboring starfish afflicted with the strange illness, which points to a massive global outbreak.

“These kinds of events are sentinels of change,” stated Drew Harvell, a professor of ecology and evolutionary biology at Cornell University. “When you get an event like this, I think everybody will say it’s an extreme event and it’s pretty important to figure out what’s going on.”
For up-to-date information on the starfish situation, visit UCSC’s “Pacific Rocky Intertidal Monitoring: Trends and Synthesis” resource:

Water continues to leak as reported by the Voice Of Russia over the holiday:

Bad news keep on coming from crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power station. Apparently it continues to bring harm on the environment. Up to 225 tons of radioactive water likely leaked from two more storage tank areas, seeping into the surrounding soil, Tokyo Electric Power Compoany (TEPCO) reported on Christmas Eve.

The two areas are located to the west of the No. 4 reactor building. Water levels have dropped inside walled areas in which storage tanks for radioactive water are located, indicating that up to 225 tons of tainted water may have seeped into the ground, TEPCO officials said.

Surge in cancers among Fukushima’s youth, experts unsure on the cause

Fifty-nine young people in Fukushima prefecture have been diagnosed with or are suspected of having thyroid cancer, but experts are divided about whether their illness is caused by nuclear radiation. All of them were younger than 18 at the time of the nuclear meltdown in the area in March 2011. They were identified in tests by the prefectural government, which covered 239,000 people by the end of September.

Call me an alarmist.

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  • This is interesting but raises many questions. Why just this one person? It’s not like you can hide widespread radiation. Wouldn’t we have to invoke a giant government conspiracy?

    I have to admit that any mention of Natural News is a giant red flag. That is one if not THE worst site for pseudoscientific nonsense on the web. I don’t believe a word on there.

    Many are grouping in events with different causes under the Fukushima umbrella without justification and that is sloppy thinking.

  • I admit that the sources cause questions. However…

    “According to a statement by PEER
    (Public Employees For Environmental Responsibility) published on the
    organization’s website on April 8, 2013, Barack Obama has given final
    approval for the EPA’s attempt to raise radiation levels in soil and
    water following “radiological incidents.”


    It is also true that fishing is a huge industry around the Pacific Rim and a widespread panic caused by release of certain data could collapse economies and cause widespread hunger. All the government has to do is not say anything and most people will assume everything is alright.

  • mustangmorris

    I agree 100%

  • radioredrafts

    OK, is the guy who shot the video actually working for “Natural News” or is it just that his video happens to be on the website?