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The day 3M accidentally created a force field

December 16, 2017 – 11:45 AM | One Comment | 376 views

Every job has its safety hazards. Whether you run the risk of falling off a telephone poll or trip over the printer cord, there are several unseen dangers in the workplace. However it’s one thing …

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  • Richard Degrandcourt

    I held a seance at the original residence of Mae West, The Ravenswood in hollywood. I invited medium Vincent Munden and houdini authority Patrick Culliton to attend and help. Mr. culliton recited a poem written by houdini, behind a mysterious shadow that appeared. Then Mr. Munden spoke and explained that Harry houdini loved the performance of George Burns… Ronald J. Berg of bergs magic studio acted as technical supervisor, and army archers of variety reported the event. in the middle of the seance the audience became scared and speaker became angry , the light went on and cold wind blew in suddenly… it was over for the evening…