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Stephen Barcelo mounted an investigation into the creepy rumors surrounding the Shanley Hotel. A three-story rambling affair situated in Upstate New York. During the investigation, a video recording captured what looks like a translucent cat walking into on of the hotel’s many bedroom in the third floor.

From time to time there’ve been reports of pets communicating with members of their family after they had passed away. And yes, most people brush that off as a byproduct of some emotionally over-attached pet owner or an overactive imagination.

This clip that purportedly shows a ‘ghost cat’ looks impressive. 80 percent of the cat’s body is missing or translucent from what I can see in the grainy footage. Could this be explained by poor video rendering in low-light conditions, causing a real cat to look like a ghost? Or do pets really do come back from the grave?

  • Roy

    I think it’s just bad lighting and it was a real cat that walked through.

  • JMW

    “some emotionally over-attached pet owner”

    I actually take offense to that comment. Its a pretty douchey way to word it.

  • Pretty spot on description actually.

  • native-neo

    Cool.. good evidence!