I would like nothing more than the proof of various cryptids, alien civilizations, even alien visitors to be found. But that proof will come only through rigorous science and objective analysis, and by holding evidence to the highest standards of scrutiny. Born in south eastern Pennsylvania, i have found myself at one time or another living in Chicago, Cleveland, Raleigh-Durham, on the island of Kaua'i and finally landed on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State. I have turned my hand to various professions from early work in 3d graphics to historic building restoration, carpentry and log home building to working in a bronze art foundry on the WWII Veterans Memorial. Currently I am a writer, script writer and working for a non profit organization called Empowerment Through Connection which is involved in equine assisted therapy for veterans, at risk teens and women.

Security cams seem to have been capturing more cryptids, UFOs, aliens, and ghosts than shoplifters these days. Here, one in Brazil claims to have caught a werewolf.

From a website called UTAOT

A weird and scary were wolf like creture was caught on camera in the town of São Gonçalo de Campos, in the state of Bahia.
Posted on 19 February, 2014

The grainy 44-second clip emerged on YouTube after a spate of sightings of the terrifying cryptid in the town of São Gonçalo de Campos, near Feira de Santana, in the state of Bahia.

The mysterious lupine was first spotted by a local man known only as Pingo.

I am not certain what lupine features are being claimed in this video as the creature has no obvious snout, or tail, its appendages are of obvious different length and it does not move in anything resembling a dog-like fashion. If I had to describe its motion it would be that of a human on all fours, and to my eye is quite obviously an escaped chimpanzee. However, chimpanzees can be very dangerous, so there would seem no harm in establishing a curfew.

Thanks anyway Pingo.

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  • sam

    Yet another crappy blurry video, I might be wrong but, I thought that the point of CCTV was to capture images at a resolution where identifiable features, for instance A FACE, would assist in the apprehension or identification of an individual(s) if the need arose? Youtube compression artifacts are a thing of the past now… (to an extent) and if there is no clearer footage, then this is a man/woman in a suit with a mask on, as has already been said.

  • sam

    …. and Pingo was his name-o (sorry).

  • Prince Petropia

    Have you heard of the Werewolf Demon of London? It’s an infamous case of possession and lycanthropy investigated by demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren. Read the full article here: http://allaboutoccult.blogspot.com/2013/10/the-werewolf-demon-of-london.html

  • Chew Bacca

    I have a couple of questions about this video. If this is a CCtv why is it pointed in the place that it is? Another but more important question. If it is a security camera why is it moving up and down? Compare the tree in front of it and you will see that the camera is moving up and down, I thought they were bolted to buildings and poles? The blurryness is also another giveaway. This is a total waste of time.

  • Well, there is no way to answer the first question without more info than is available. As for why it is moving a little bit, it is obviously a windy night, and while many security cams are quite small, and often behind a glass dome, older ones or larger ones like in the picture could be affected by the wind.

    It may just be a much older security system with less resolution than is available in newer systems.