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Well who would have guessed?

Coming as news to no one other than Rick Dyer’s own fans he has come clean and admitted that his entire story of the failed Hank Tour is a hoax.

From Rick Dyer’s own FaceBook Page

Official Statement

From this moment own I will speak the truth! No more lies, tall tales or wild goose chases to mess with the haters!

Who believed you in the first place, but your fans? If you have messed with anyone it is those who supported you most. As usual you fail to grasp the situation and try to build yourself a secure little martyrdom.

Even in his admission he fails utterly to convince, using the same tried and failed technique of claiming an expert examined his body, yet never naming that expert or giving evidence beyond his own word… which is so reliable.

As usual he firmly and pathologically sets the blame on others.

Musky never saw the body, We stayed at hotel all night playing slots. He only wanted to mess with the Bigfoot community and I took advantage of that.

And tries desperately to make lemons out of lemonade:

The tour was successful only because it opened peoples mind to Bigfoot

Really? Whose?
What is heard most about your stunt(s) is that they do significant harm to the search for Bigfoot. By creating these obvious and poorly thought out, if elaborate scams you make the search a joke, and guarantee that legitimate research won’t happen by making any one who even tries into a laughing stock. Even if you actually did go out and find a bigfoot, brought it to public attention, and were 100% open about it allowing actual experts, in place of the inveneted experts of your imagination, examine the body, No One will give you the time of day!

And he tries to reinvent himself, again, claiming to have seen the error of his ways, just as he did after his failed 2008 Georgia Bigfoot in a freezer scam.

I will say I have so much junk and drama that I can show and tell you, screen shots emails ,and more! But i’m just not that way anymore…

That is the 100% truth guys!

Why now, after months of trying to pull the wool over our eyes has Dyer let the bigfoot out of the bag?
I would have to guess, based on this comment:

We added it up last night here is what people made
including Cash, meals and entertainment.A. $11,668 + $260 bank he didn’t return , $600 Samsung S4, and $1435 for a 2 year contract Over $5000 in cash

L $6235 + $600 i phone and $1435 for a two year contract
Almost $4000 in cash

D $200 ticket and meals

C $250 ticket and meals

M.$800 cash and a plain ticket to and from Vegas

Coming clean about everything is necessary for a new start!

Sure it is, but you also failed to make a buck at it, so you are trying to defuse the lies with the far too late truth, and since you have already had to do that once before (Bigfoot in the Freezer) then this time you really have shown you are not interested in new starts, just new ways to make the same mistakes.

I’ve learned from past mistakes and I knew not to put to much trust in people. I found out quick I couldn’t trust my
house guest. I had a baby monitor in there room the whole
time. It was funny to me that they kept telling on each other to me, leaving out what they said of corse. It was a big game to me watching the greed and seeing what people would do and how far people would go for money!

What do you think? Has Rick seen the error of his ways. Does he deserve a third chance to utterly fail to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes?

My prediction, He’ll be back in a few years and try this all again…

And some few will always believe him.

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  • Tom

    hell no he hasn’t seen the error of his ways. he will continue to pray on whomever he can to make a buck. he needs to be in jail.

  • mustangmorris

    He’s pathetically trying to be relevant.

  • Bigfoot Gifts & Toys

    He’s trying to be an actor.

  • Arclight

    Rick Dyer is pathetic individual…

    It takes years to build a trusting reputation…and a day to tear it down…

  • He never built the trust part.

  • George Courtney Jr

    So what happened to rick dyer’s
    fan page as I just loved seeing him get slammed to the max for his b. s.

  • rickequinox

    This guys got some serious mental issues!

  • Sally

    His facebook seems to have vanished. Undoubtedly the Illuminati are behind this.

  • Bigfoot Gifts & Toys

    His face looks horrible!