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I was browsing the web and happened to run into this 2014 promotional video from Lockheed Martin. The ‘Advanced Aeronautics’ video showcases the corporation’s take on what’s to come. Let me tell you, it’s right out of a science fiction book.
Aircraft that morphs to manipulate it’s aerodynamics and drag by using a ‘muscle-like skin’ on the body of the craft. Swarms of drones surveying land in real-time while mapping out the terrain and gathering intelligence.

It’s impressive and at the same time terrifying to see how far we’ve come in aviation technology. Especially when you see their drones in the animation. I can’t help but be reminded of Fahrenheit 451 looking at that blimp-like drone. I can almost see it now, hovering above the Los Angeles skyline. High above the GoodYear blimp, scanning our faces while we walk around town.

It might sound like a paranoid rant but how many of you saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier this weekend? There definitely was a drone/NSA/Surveillance reference thrown in there. I know I’m not the only one thinking about this if we’re already seeing it reference in Hollywood.

I don’t know if the advances in aeronautics have come to us organically or with a little help (ahem. Roswell). I just hope that they are used for the greater good.

  • Jon

    This is some amazing stuff, I had no idea they already have the tech to change the shape of certain sections of craft. Thanks!

  • ghosttheory

    Yea, it’s no wonder the fascination over Area 51 is as fresh as it’s ever been.

  • DanielKnight4Christ

    “The intensive psycho-kinetic energy in the Culver City home could have
    been extremely overwhelming.”

    Xavier, you’re not making any sense. What pk energy? You make statements based on new ageism nonsense. You might as well have said “dark energy banana angst” or “auric vibrational photon energy”. Throwing words together and adding physics terms or fancy sounding or catch words DOES NOT MAKE THEM REAL OR LOGICAL to use in a sentence. The evidence shows that for the Entity case it was OBVIOUSLY DEMONS. Don’t you know the saying, “If it quacks like duck”? Now why in the world if you were at a lake and a duck was clearly attacking you would it be logical to say, “Oh that duck could have attacked me because I projected my psychotic energy on it” and so on? Or say even me, if I believe in demons, would it make sense for me to speculate if I had touched one of it’s babies and the mother attacked me to say, “Well, it could have been that the duck was really a demon, or the demon was possessed by a duck.” CLEARLY THAT WOULD BE DUMB. If you want to be a “professional” and to be taken seriously as a parapsychologist by LOGICAL PEOPLE, as opposed to annoying scientists who are really atheist secularists with an atheist agenda to push, then stop making up WORD SALAD and saying things that are not based on logic or evidence. IF IT QUACKS LIKE A DUCK and walks like one and attacks you like one, what evidently could it be? It’s not an “orb”.

    “Combined with the negative attention it
    brought (unwanted intrusion of the research team and family tension)”

    WORD, SALAD. You’re an adult, but you never grew out of childish thinking. I used to think the way you do as a child, but when I was exposed to Christianity and became a Christian I grew up. I saw the world for what it really was more and more and realized what utter nonsense new ageism is, atheism and all those idolatrous cult religions including Catholicism.

    could have easily been a beacon for all these evil spirits.”

    Easily WHY, Xavier? That entire quote is nonsensical.
    The Bible mentions “a haunt for demons”, did you know that? So thousands of years ago, God himself made it known that demons can decide to live in a certain place. If a house has been around for hundreds of years, and has dank basements, and very bad demons are known for hanging out in ugly places, isn’t it EASY to conclude it was simply a haunted house, and that when a VERY IMMORAL mother moved in, a virtual harlot was in the house, with “bastard children” that the demons were delighted over it and decided to bully them? If as you claim negative mental energy can be a cause for rape, then police would be on a daily bases dealing with invisible rapes. Is that a frequent thing reported by people, invisible rapes? Where has your logic gone, Xavier? Or did you ever have a decent amount to throw out the window like you have? Please learn logical fallacies if you choose to be lazy and biased with Christianity.

  • Prince Petropia

    Hello Xavier. I am the owner of a paranormal & occult blog named All About Occult (, which contains a menagerie of articles on occultism, demonology, ufology, cryptozoology,forteana, folklore and true ghost encounters. I just came to know via your contact page that you’re accepting editors on your site. Other than writing for my own blog, I’m also a permanent author at the Who Forted? Blog, Historic Mysteries and Unexplained Mysteries. I’ve also sent a guest post at Ghost Theory earlier. I would love to work as an author and editor at Ghost Theory if you’ll allow me. Please let me know by replying to this comment. I already sent you two emails at [email protected] and [email protected], but didn’t get a reply. Thanks a lot.

  • ghosttheory

    Hi Prince,

    My apologies. I’ve been way behind on my emails.
    You should get a reply soon.

  • ghosttheory


    You posted this your comment on the wrong article. Please repost this on the “Doris Bither” article.

  • Prince Petropia

    Thanks Xavier. I have since long been visiting Ghost Theory and writing for it will be a great honor. I’ll be waiting for your email reply. 🙂