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I’m sure most of you by now have seen or heard of the infamous ‘Lumpkin County dash-cam Bigfoot video’ that was recorded from a Georgia state police officer’s cruiser in 2009. The video, which shows a large bipedal creature running across a desolate highway, has been plagued with plenty of He Said, She Said controversies over the last few years.

You can barely see the pair of legs hightailing it across the highway in the grainy video, but you know it’s something bipedal that made those huge strides across the road. What is it? A Bigfoot? Pranksters? That’s the million dollar question that we’re all waiting to be answered.

When the story broke and the video made its way across the web, most of us paranormal/cryptid bloggers had high hopes. Then came in the strange story from Cryptomundo that a Lumpkin County Sheriff, Stacy Jarrard, had followed up with the case and began an investigation of the supposed Bigfoot.

Sheriff Jarrad was reported to have interviewed the residents of several homes near the area where the sighting occurred. The story then says that the sheriff supposedly ran into a pair of college students who were acting nervous and strange when the sheriff began to question the students.

They may change their minds, however, when they learn that Sheriff Stacy Jarrard claims to have proven the sighting to be a hoax. Jarrard said he went out the next day to question homeowners in the area. At the first house he stopped at, he says, there were two young men, students at North Georgia College & State University, who were “acting really nervous. You could see their hearts were beating really fast,” he says.

The two did not admit to the prank right away, but later in the week they copped to one of them donning a gorilla suit and running across the road in front of vehicles on the night in question. Jarrard says he even has a photograph of the two boys with the gorilla suit. –Source: Sharon Hall, The Dahlonega Nugget.

Sheriff Jarrard’s statement on the investigation sounds like a slam-dunk case. However as skeptical as some of us are, there is still the notion that nothing was really disproven. The fast moving creature in the video is said to be pranksters but the pranksters have yet to come out and admit the hoax. Furthermore, there’s no evidence of a ‘gorilla suit’ photograph anywhere on the net. At least nothing that I could find.

Yes, the most likely scenario would be an idiotic prank by some bored college students but you gotta ask yourself “Why would they?”. Why would they chose that particular curve on the road, where the driver had very little visibility? If you were a hoaxer, wouldn’t you want your audience to have a clear view of your hoax? I know this is not a strong argument to prove my point but Sheriff Jarrard’s statement holds the same amount of water for those of us who look for evidence.

I think the most important question is Where is the gorilla suit photograph?

  • mustangmorris

    I remember that guy in Idaho or Montana who ran along the road at night with a ghillie suit on. He was kiiled by a car.Running around at night with a ape suit on may get you killed by a car or shot .

  • Arclight

    The students were probably paranoid about their stash of weed….sometimes word of a legit sighting in an area will stir the hoaxers…yet, I am not aware that this area of GA has a history of any reports…

  • Deus Ex Machina

    We didn’t was debunked by the sheriff’s deputy.

  • Restless_Legs

    Excellent review. With all the fake CCTV vision around you can at least be fairly confident that this vision is legit even if the cop was hoaxed. That makes this piece of vision very valuable. If it is a hoax it is a very bad one. It would be worth doing some comparative vision with test subjects of various sizes. It will never convince a non believer that it was a bigfoot but it could allow the sighting to be added to the canon of “legitimate” reports.

  • Mark

    The first thing I noticed while watching this is the skid marks. You can see that right as he passes the figure, he comes to a stop. I feel like most people would initially panic and hit the brakes when they see something like that (of course others might hit the gas). As he is stopping, you can clearly see skid marks in the road, meaning someone else did the same thing he did, but harder.
    If there were in fact 2 kids in the area doing this, presumably they would be doing this in the same spot.
    So this leads me to 3 possible conclusions:
    1. 2 kids were running a hoax in the same spot several times on that night.
    2. An animal of some type ran across the road in this same spot in front of this cop, and in front of someone else earlier which caused the skid marks.
    3. The skid marks are from an entirely unrelated event.

  • ghosttheory

    That’s the question, where is the sheriff’s proof of the hoax?

  • Bigfoot Gifts & Toys

    The Sheriff thinks he can catch a Bigfoot in the woods.

  • Deus Ex Machina

    I think being taken seriously by fellow LEO’s and his Lieutenant would be tough if word got out (it already did) that he was chasing cryptids around in the woods. I’m sure he was told to keep his private life under the radar if he’d like to keep his badge and pension.

    Plus…Occam’s Razor just keeps screaming at me in this situation. Two college kids, visibly nervous…admitting to owning a gorilla suit. Seems fairly simple to me.

  • Archard

    Why couldn’t it just be a small bear? Are they native in Georgia? Cos to be honest a small bear would freak the poop out of me and did when I visited the states. I’ve driven past deer/badgers here and ended up shocked but then when I actually thought about it I’d recognise it as something native to the area… just an idea.

  • billinga

    It’s running upright, quickly, is why.

  • Archard

    I don’t see that it stops that being a bear, even jellyfish have been spotted learning to run across the land and break the norm. I am not dismissing things but it seems that it could be a natural explanation… that’s why I was curious.

  • billinga

    It stops it being a bear because of 1) speed and 2) stride length. If you’ve seen a bear on its hind legs it waddles with a slow and unsteady gait. Whatever it was took only 3 steps to cross the highway. They have short legs and aren’t used to walking, much less running, that way, especially for that long a distance. They do stand up and look on their hind legs but I don’t think I’ve ever seen or heard of one run, especially flat out. I don’t think its physically possible.

  • i never saw a THING-It must not have been too definitive-lol

  • Vivian Li

    Simply put, bears do not have the skeletal structure to “run” on two legs — their legs were primarily adapted for quadrupedal locomotion. Sure, bears can stand on their two hind legs for a brief period of time in one spot, but actually running on their hind legs? They can’t do that.

  • Vivian Li

    The previous skid marks on the road were EXACTLY what stood out to me as well. They could be the biggest clue we have towards questioning whether the drivers were hoaxed or not. To me, it seems to point to the “creature” (whether a real “unidentified hominid” or a hoaxer in a costume) having crossed that road at that exact location possibly several times in the recent past, and right in front of other cars as they were about to pass. This led me to contemplate the same thoughts as you observe. I am strongly leaning towards either (1) or (3), but not (2).