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The Discovery Channel’s latest show “Russian Yeti: The Killer Lives”, that premiered this Sunday has raised quite a spark, leaving people to wonder once again, who killed the 8 men and 2 women on the skiing expedition to  Gora Otorten through the horrendous Dyatlov Pass in the year 1959.

Dyatlov MountaineersIn this new program, the Discovery Channel used a blurry photograph of a humanoid, and a few alleged photos of oversized footprints, to prove that the Diablo who slaughtered this nine young college students was none other than the Russian Bigfoot himself.

The show featured experts like Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization curator Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum, and Igor Burtsev, head of the International Centre of Hominology. Old evidences and findings were dug into, experts were asked for their opinion. However, the viewers of the show seemed less than pleased.

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The Discovery show revealed that the initial investigators of the Dyatlov Incident were met with several large footprints of a non-human nature. However, they didn’t find evidence of any bear, or other large animal following the explorers. This evidence, however, was covered up by Russian investigators, along with other evidences of the case.

According to the show, the Dyatlov Pass explorers were subjected to some horrifying discovery just prior to death, which caused them to flee one mile from the campsite. Purportedly, they also took photos during this period. The photo on the right is that of two big spots of light in the sky. An expert explained that this could’ve been an airburst of a two-stage rocket, which would explain why the clothes of the students contained high levels of radiation, and why the KGB was involved in the investigation and cover-up of this tragic mountain anomaly. Also came out a blurry photo of a dark humanoid, which the Discovery Channel claims to be evidence of the Abominable Snowman who stalked and killed the students.

Despite the efforts, Discovery’s show has been subjected to a lot of criticism. People have been comparing it with earlier efforts of yellow journalism made by the Channel, and blaming it for trying to “make” news instead of “breaking” it.

For more information, check out Scott Mcman’s article on the Dyatlov Pass Accident.

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  • Kenneth Watson

    he took a foregone conclusion and tried to make the evidence fit and omitted whatever wasnt comfortable…it wasnt even a windy night and he has no serious explanation for the key mystery which is the injuries.The evidence is very clear from the hand injuries one of which on Zina even has the indentation of a tooth- the group resisted some kind of human or animal predator and lost;the lights were however real and highly unusual