Greetings to Everyone on the World UFO Day

Greetings to Everyone on the World UFO Day

UFO: image Courtesy of The Telegraph

Greetings, everyone! Today’s July 2nd, the World UFO Day. This is the day when UFO enthusiasts around the globe join together to celebrate a monumental event in Ufological history, the day of the famous Roswell UFO Crash.

While July 2nd is the date internationally recognized, in some places June 24th is celebrated as the World UFO Day, to coincide with the date when pilot Kenneth Arnold witnessed several objects flying near Mount Rainier, Washington in 1947.

How do you celebrate the World UFO Day? Well, has some suggestions:

  • Start your own World UFO day at our Meetup Group here.
  • Invite some friends or UFO enthusiasts to your party.
  • Wear or create your own UFO/alien T-shirts
  • Watch the sky together and spot strange object flying around.
  • Take pictures of these strange objects in the sky.
  • Create original looking UFO’s out of frisbees or perform other creative actions.
  • Have conversations about the possibility of extraterrestrial life and start open discussions.
  • Share knowledge (books, videos, etc.) with proof that UFOs exist.
  • Watch alien and UFO movies together. Check out some top rated ones here.
  • Invite extraterrestrials through meditation, thought or other ways of communication.

So, how are you going to celebrate your World UFO Day? Let me know in your comments!