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Reports are fuzzy, but they’re coming in from around the internet that a large mysterious hole suddenly appeared in the northern area of Siberia. It’s estimated that the hole is around 262 feet across and that its crater shows signs of scorched earth. Discovered by oil workers on a routine helicopter flight, the hole has many speculating its origins.

A scientific expedition organised by the Yamal authorities will leave tomorrow to investigate. The team includes experts from Russia’s Centre for the Study of the Arctic, the Cryosphere Institute of the Academy of Sciences and Russia’s Emergencies Ministry.

The cause of the hole’s sudden appearance is not yet known.

Experts said that the darkening around the inner rim of the crater indicated “severe burning” that scorched its edges.

A spokesman for the Emergencies Ministry’s Yamal branch has ruled out a meteorite strike and web speculation about the crater indicating “the arrival of a UFO craft” has likewise been dismissed.

Aerial images posted on¬†YouTube¬†indicate a hole up to 80m wide in Yamal, a peninsula jutting into Arctic waters whose name translates as “the end of the world”.

–Source: 9News Australia



  • The Oshmar

    Could be a coal seam fire that collapsed the dirt above it.

  • Sksk

    This is in Siberia, Russia. Serbia is a country located in southeast Europe.

  • rene

    I believe there is not much permafrost in Serbia, in Siberia on the other hand there would be. But I wouldn’t think this would be caused by permafrost melting as what I have read. Looks like it’s an excavated hole with spoils around and a burnt core. I would be interested in how deep it is.

  • kb

    Get a map!

  • 101Truth101

    Yes, get a map, then educate yourself. Unbelievable that there are those who don’t know the difference between Serbia and Siberia. Getting back to the big hole, it’s reported that the hole is very deep, virtually endless.

  • Jason Sentelle
  • Jason Sentelle

    Looks like the locations are a good ways away from each other though…

  • mustangmorris

    Could be a Nuke crater.

  • The Oshmar
  • Wito

    The edges are to clean cut to be naturally caused. Is their any before and after style of proof to show evidence that the hole was recently made. My theory is an undercover government hidden lair/bunker. blasted to cover its traces.

  • Jason Sentelle
  • Dr. Roger Ffolkes

    This appears to be the work of the USAF’s X37a space plane, a mini-shuttle that grounded the real orbiters lest it be caught out. The X37 is equipped with a sort of laser/particle beam being tested around the globe. Witness all the sudden sink-holes and birds/fish dying, etc. At start-up it was crashing bridges, albeit from the same approx. latitude- now this.

  • radioredrafts

    Biiiiiiiiiig gopher.

  • radioredrafts

    (movie reference)