NASA Images Show Humanoid Shadow on Moon

Posted by Ritoban Mukherjee | August 16, 2014 17

NASA: Alien on Moon

This has been generating a lot of stir in the popular media. A recent image spotted on Google Moon shows this weird humanoid shadow on the grayish terrain of Moon. While some are suggesting that this is actually an alien walking on the floor of moon, casting a shadow, others are finding odd resemblances to the Greek Statue called Colossus of Rhodes.

The video was viralized by YouTube user Wowforreeel, who posted a collection of Google Moon images showing similar alien-on-moon pictures to perform his analysis.

First claim first, the Daily Mail has once again stepped forth to add fuel to the fire, by calling the image a shadow cast by an alien walking on the moon. Apparently, they never paid attention to the little fact that an alien has to be huge, and I mean really huge, for its shadow to be so noticeable as to show up on a NASA satellite image.

Colossus of Rhodes

The Examiner, a reputed online news resource, now claims that the figure is similar to the Colossus of Rhodes, an ancient Greek statue of a titan-god, that sunk into the ground during an earthquake in 226BC. Today, a  similar looking statue known as the Modern Colossus can be viewed in New York.

What looks like a towering human figure striding the deserted plains of the Moon has been spotted on Google Earth and bears an uncanny resemblance to what the ancient statue, “The Colossus of Rhodes”, is thought to have looked like before it was felled into the harbor of the Greek island by a massive earthquake in 226 BC.

The Examiner

Currently, all these claims seem largely far-fetched, and right now, a simple camera glitch explanation seems to suffice. After all, such incidents have happened with NASA in the past. What do you think?

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Ritoban Mukherjee

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An amateur journalist, author and armchair occult researcher, Ritoban is the founder and senior editor of the growing paranormal and occult news blog All About Occult. Being a somewhat obsessed curator of anomalies and strangeness, he spends his time digging out old and forgotten cases of strange phenomena or researching latest news on weird stuff, alternative culture and science. He has dipped his toes in several acclaimed skeptical and paranormal news websites, such as Unexplained Mysteries, Historic Mysteries, Ghost Theory and America's Most Haunted.

  • Wowforreeel

    Check your facts. Wowforreeel claimed nothing.

  • Prince Petropia

    According to the Huffington Post, you claimed that shadow may have been an alien. I based some of my facts on their post. Perhaps it’s a typo on their side, may be you could tip them off too. I have corrected the post.

  • mustangmorris

    Another Boring shadow figure .

  • Arclight

    its Optimus Prime…

  • Henry

    This has been id’d by Nasa as a bit of debris in the camera.

  • Dr. Manhattan

    Let’s imagine a huge statue in the centre of a civilised city. City gets destroyed and trampled flat due to war or time yet statue remains standing surrounded by nothing at all. Unless Doctor Manhattan got lost on his way to Mars….

  • Kim Hodges


  • dj

    I don’t know about you guys but I think its a camera glitch I mean NASA has done mistakes like that in the past right?

  • Henry

    It as already been identified as such

  • rickrivethead

    I don’t understand how this can be debris in the camera?, the shadow is pointing in the same direction as shadows in the surrounding craters, its clearly an object of some sort.The fact it looks like a standing figure is negligible though.

  • Henry

    You are presuming that what you are seeing is a shadow, and not part of the debris. Also, the “shadow” is considerably longer than those being cast by anything else which suggests it is not a shadow at all, or not being cast by the same light source, which would in turn mean that it is a fake image photoshopped onto the image.

    Either way, still not an alien.

  • Justin Bryon
  • Dave Viljoen

    We can never be the only humans in the universe, somewhere on some planet there must be some creatures, alliens or people. Where are the angels and God? I am not saying that this creature is an angel, but it is definetely someone. NASA knows what it is and keeping it secret, look at all the dragons and creatures in there videos, that is only to prepare us if we find something like that. Let Nasa SPEAK up and tell us the truth. I do believe in alliens and UFO’s

  • Henry

    There is a difference between being the only humans and being the only life. It is actually incredibly unlikely to the point of being useless to speculate that other life resembles us in any way.

    And there is no creature here, NASA has determined it is a bit of debris in camera. There are other photos, unfortunately not included in this article which show the exact same object in other places. Choosing to believe otherwise does not make it true.

  • Matt

    I think NASA is a lying son b*tch. Why would anyone take them for their word? You’d be just as dumb.

  • Henry

    As opposed to, say, the unbiased and unsupported opinion of
    a random person who comments on an article?

  • Rahul

    It is obviously a camera Glitch, because there are a series of such shapes found on those images. As shown by this video on yourtube –