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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have just confirmed that the first-ever case of Ebola has beenĀ diagnosed in the US. The patient had already been placed in isolation because of his symptoms and because he had recently traveled to Liberia, which is experiencing an epidemic, before two tests confirmed the disease.

This patient is the first to be diagnosed outside Africa with the strain that is currently epidemic there, said CDC director Thomas Frieden, during a conference call with reporters. The outbreak has largely been concentrated in three countries: Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, where 6,574 have been sickened and 3,091 have died so far.

“I have no doubt we will control this importation of Ebola so it does not spread widely in this country,” Frieden said.

While there are people out there who would hoax a story like this, there are multiple source for confirmation.
The Verge
Huffington Post

And while this is not cause for alarm, the confirmed patient has been isolated, it is cause for concern as there may well be other cases not yet diagnosed.

With thanks to RednGreen for pointing out useful information I should have included.

From the CDC webpage:

Because the natural reservoir host of Ebola viruses has not yet been identified, the manner in which the virus first appears in a human at the start of an outbreak is unknown. However, researchers believe that the first patient becomes infected through contact with an infected animal.

When an infection does occur in humans, the virus can be spread in several ways to others. Ebola is spread through direct contact (through broken skin or mucous membranes) with

  • blood or body fluids (including but not limited to urine, saliva, feces, vomit, and semen) of a person who is sick with Ebola
  • objects (like needles and syringes) that have been contaminated with the virus
  • infected animals
  • Ebola is not spread through the air or by water, or in general, food. However, in Africa, Ebola may be spread as a result of handling bushmeat (wild animals hunted for food) and contact with infected bats.

Healthcare providers caring for Ebola patients and the family and friends in close contact with Ebola patients are at the highest risk of getting sick because they may come in contact with infected blood or body fluids of sick patients.

During outbreaks of Ebola, the disease can spread quickly within healthcare settings (such as a clinic or hospital). Exposure to Ebola can occur in healthcare settings where hospital staff are not wearing appropriate protective equipment, including masks, gowns, and gloves and eye protection.

Dedicated medical equipment (preferable disposable, when possible) should be used by healthcare personnel providing patient care. Proper cleaning and disposal of instruments, such as needles and syringes, is also important. If instruments are not disposable, they must be sterilized before being used again. Without adequate sterilization of the instruments, virus transmission can continue and amplify an outbreak.

Once someone recovers from Ebola, they can no longer spread the virus. However, Ebola virus has been found in semen for up to 3 months. People who recover from Ebola are advised to abstain from sex or use condoms for 3 months.

  • RednGreen

    Admittedly I don’t know enough about ebola to decide how concerned I am. For example, is it contagious only when the patient is exhibiting symptoms? Or is there a chance of it spreading before the patient shows any? Regardless, there is a gap of several days between when he started showing symptoms and when he actually was isolated. I AM concerned about THAT. The big D is not that far from me…

  • It is transmitted by bodily fluids, and as it manifests as a fever, that makes it fairly contagious.

    My concern is how many people was he in contact with on the plane? How many others who have not shown symptoms yet or not been diagnosed yet have made it onto the country? The fever is very similar to Malaria at first so it might pass as that for a while, especially in someone from Africa.

    The incubation period is 21 days.

  • RednGreen

    Thanks for the clarification. I just read the man is believed to be married or engaged and the house he’d been staying at had several children there. Which begs the question, are they school age children that went to class after being in contact with him? This has huge potential to get very messy and scary very quickly.

  • Yes.

  • The Oshmar

    It’s really not that bad, the media is blowing how contagious Ebola is right out of proportion. There are plenty of informative videos on how the virus has infected so many people in countries that have low literacy and non-existent healthcare systems. America will be fine and no you wont have a massive outbreak.

  • Aseitas

    I live in Honolulu and the patient was just determined NOT to have Ebola. They think it might be Malaria.