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In 2011 something strange happened on Facebook. People were made aware of the hundreds of unnerving messages that were posted by a Canadian woman named Karin Catherine Waldegrave. Her messages read like the ramblings of a deranged conspiracy theory kook, however it wasn’t what she said that unnerved many. It was the fact that she was having a conversation with her own self. Five hundred to seven hundred cryptic replies within a twelve hour period. Soon after the messages stopped and were removed. And with it went Karin’s Facebook account. Leaving behind questions and the mystery of what happened to Karin Catherine Waldegrave.


According to her Facebook profile, Karin Catherine Waldegrave was born in London and studied at the University of Toronto, Canada. Earning herself a Ph.D. during her time there. According to her profile she is well traveled and speaks several different languages including  French, Estonian, Latvian, English, Russian, Gallic, Latin, and German. Proof of this was often times seen in her multi language replies to herself. However most of her posts were in English and read like chopped sentences from random texts.


This is an example of one of Karin’s seemingly normal post. Notice the 38 comments on her post.

When other strange ramblings started to appear, things really started to get weird.



There is a clear distinction between the coherent and incoherent posts made only a day apart by Karin or whoever was responsible for creating the account. It is because of this “switch” in text that many online users began to question the woman’s sanity. The word schizophrenic appeared alongside the link to her Facebook profile in many online forums. Soon, more posts were uncovered and shared amongst many.

In her profile, there were only a handful of personal images Karin uploaded. Strangely enough, they all displayed signs of film damage.








Karin then begins to mention the FBI and CIA on her posts, talking about being controlled and monitored by them, the men in black. She mentions the illegal and perverse doings of the “Elite” and how she knows several international criminal networks.  This of course sparks theories of her possible involvement in the infamous government project, MKUltra. However the more you read into her posts, it becomes more and more apparent that none of it makes any sense.

  • February 14 at 11:41am   
  • Karin Catherine WALDEGRAVE

    Also, the organized criminal pervert network which constructed our upscale condominium building in 1997 is advised to stop peeping tommery in it and activist social programming while harassing homeowners in a variety of ways including maste r key type entry in absentia and aggressive impertinent socialite curiosity. Selling retired entrepreneurial couples, war veterans, and young married couples with toddler age children and without (also considering other residents such as young professionals such as accountants as renters in the building) $2.5 Million worth of real estate (us for example – we are married and have been spouses for 8 years in a long marriage, a second long and faithful marriage for both of us – lifelong home owners in Canada both with the exception of 1947 – 1952), continuing peeping over the years and other home invading behaviour by frequent knocks on the door


At times there are paragraphs after paragraphs of this nonsensical text, all posted within a minute of each other. Which then brings up the question of this being done via some clever programming. A script or API that connects to Facebook and is testing automated posts. Sounds possible right? I would subscribe to that theory if it wasn’t for the fact that throughout the garbage of text, there does appear to be some form of structure to her messages and conversations. A hidden message. Which leads me to this:

Could Karin Catherine Waldegrave’s Facebook account have been a modern spy communication log? Some sort of social networking Number Station that can only be deciphered by traveling spies? Or was she an extremely intelligent person who snapped and began an online diary of her mental demise?

Whatever you may think, one thing is for sure; the internet has never heard from Karin Catherine Waldegrave since.


  • IThinkso

    One of the

  • Junk EB

    Or the sad ramblings of a young woman with a mental illness or a short term mental break and handy access to social media..

  • Kang the Unbalanced

    Kang thought prank, or AI test, but the numbers station idea is intriguing.

  • Eiseiryuoujin .

    yeah, dickhead. let’s just call everyone with possible schizophrenia a dickhead.

  • Ian

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  • Xu Amelia

    the misterius

  • Allegedly Immortal

    but why

  • alansmithee

    I know this is 3 years old, but I wanted to point out that it’s inaccurate to say she disappeared from Facebook ‘soon after’ as if this was some fly-by-night phantom who came and went in the blink of an eye. As I recall at the time, her profile was already a few years old and a few million walls of text deep when the internet at large started taking an interest. It went viral on 4chan, then reddit got hold of it. By the time it took off on reddit, a few 4chan wannabe sleuths had started poking around trying to find out more, so when redditors got the bright idea to start messaging friends and relatives from her contact list, it was enough to scare her into hiding.

    From what I remember, at least one of her relatives replied when contacted and they were understandably cagey, not really wanting to answer any serious questions.

    Cliff notes: internet nerds scared her away from Facebook. Say it with me, folks – this is why we can’t have nice things!