‘Mysterious Voice’ Rescue: Footage Released

‘Mysterious Voice’ Rescue: Footage Released


The bodycam footage of the dramatic rescue of a toddler inside an overturned car has been released and it’s not what I was expecting.

Last week we posted the incredible story of a group of Emergency Responders in Utah that had saved the life of a toddler that was trapped inside an overturned car. The mother of the child had lost control of her vehicle and went off the main road, crashing into a stream below the highway.

No one spotted the wreck until around fourteen hours later when the call was made to the local police station. The first responders arrived within minutes and jumped into the stream to search for survivors. When they approached the overturned car they heard a voice call out for help. When they managed to turn the wreckage over they discovered that the driver, the mother, had been deceased for quite some time. Only her child remained alive, barely clinging on to life.

So that brought up the question of what the Emergency Responders heard. When they were interviewed by KSL News they collectively claimed that they heard a female voice calling from within the wreckage, calling out for their help.

Check out the actual raw footage. You can hear the rescuers answer the pleads for help coming from inside the car. Pay close attention around the 1:56 mark and tell me what you hear.

A SoundCloud user by the handle of worstedashame up loaded this isolated piece of audio from the rescue video: