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The bodycam footage of the dramatic rescue of a toddler inside an overturned car has been released and it’s not what I was expecting.

Last week we posted the incredible story of a group of Emergency Responders in Utah that had saved the life of a toddler that was trapped inside an overturned car. The mother of the child had lost control of her vehicle and went off the main road, crashing into a stream below the highway.

No one spotted the wreck until around fourteen hours later when the call was made to the local police station. The first responders arrived within minutes and jumped into the stream to search for survivors. When they approached the overturned car they heard a voice call out for help. When they managed to turn the wreckage over they discovered that the driver, the mother, had been deceased for quite some time. Only her child remained alive, barely clinging on to life.

So that brought up the question of what the Emergency Responders heard. When they were interviewed by KSL News they collectively claimed that they heard a female voice calling from within the wreckage, calling out for their help.

Check out the actual raw footage. You can hear the rescuers answer the pleads for help coming from inside the car. Pay close attention around the 1:56 mark and tell me what you hear.

A SoundCloud user by the handle of worstedashame up loaded this isolated piece of audio from the rescue video:

  • john smith

    Wheres my stuff,?wheres my stuff?,wheres my stuff?,now its getting catchy!

  • john smith

    Wheres my stuff,?wheres my stuff?,wheres my stuff?

  • ohboy

    Listen around 1:42, while the officer is talking you start to hear a voice that is female, it sounds very somber and lethargic. At about 1:44 you can here “help me” and then the cop starts talking again, but you can still hear the voice, although it’s muddled by the guy talking.

    Then 1:50 it’s clear as day because the officer stops talking for a second, and the voice says “she’s over here.” Then at 2:00 minutes the voice actually sounds different like it was coming from in the car….so quick run down:
    1:42 – a voice is in the background of the officers talking
    1:44 – “help me”
    1:50 – “she’s over here” (the infant was a girl)
    2:00 – “help” distinctly comes from inside the car, there is no mistaking it. Officer responds to her immediately after she says it.

    I listened to this thing over and over to make sure I wasn’t mistaking the voice for someone at the scene, but it was not a male voice. This really creeped me out to be honest.

  • ohboy

    “and the plea was not really needed.”
    Needed or not, people call out for help in those situations, no matter how many people are at the scene, that is just a fact.

    I have a great set of headphones, perhaps that’s why the voice was clear to me, but start listening at the 1:40 mark when the guy is talking, in a couple seconds you’ll hear a low voice saying “help”. 1:50 says “she’s over here” and at 2:00 you can most definitely hear a voice from in the car, very muffled. It says “help” and right after the cop responds to it.

    Listen man I am as skeptical as the next guy, but my speakers aren’t creating that sound. I know what I hear. At first I thought it was other people at the scene, but this one voice was not heard before or after the extraction. Can I be certain? Of course not, but I know what I heard.

  • Guest

    “I need some help”

  • SOMEGUY7893 .

    That’s what it seems to me, I couldn’t make anything out until people specifically pointed out when and what I should hear.

  • Robyn Potter

    “oh god help”

  • Andrei Rotariu

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  • rickrivethead

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  • Peter A.

    I’m sorry, but I just didn’t hear a thing in the second recording (the first, the YouTube clip, I cannot access because it comes up with the message that “this video is no longer available”).

    However, in spite of this, I do believe that EVP is real, because long ago (the late 1990’s) I had a personal computer that had the habit of spontaneously spewing characters at the DOS prompt (it had not been connected to the internet at any time, by the way, so it couldn’t have been a virus). I disassembled the whole thing, replaced everything I thought could be causing it (ex. the fan), changed the hard-drive, but it just persisted. Characters like, Q!uP9d. Completely random. Perhaps they weren’t random, and I made the assumption they were not, so I tried to figure it all out, tried to figure out what the messages may be, but unfortunately I wasn’t smart enough to do so. In the end I had to get rid of the whole machine, and get a new one. I didn’t like the idea of having a haunted computer.