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Even the kitchen cooker was apparently pulled out and overturned. Credit: ITV Wales News
Even the kitchen cooker was apparently pulled out and overturned. Credit: ITV Wales News

In 1965 there were strange happenings occurring inside the small house of Marcia Howells in Swansea, Wales. The mother and her family had been tormented by an unseen force that pushed and tossed their furniture around. Not knowing what to do, the Howells called in the local police to assist in the matter. However the police quickly found themselves rendered helpless against the unexplained phenomena that was trashing the Howells’ home.



Like most true poltergeist cases, the happenings inside the Rhondda street house abruptly stopped and no logical explanation was ever found.

Poltergeist activity is said to not be induced by “ghosts”, rather many parapsychologists believe that psychokinetic energy is to blame. A force of energy that has not been yet proven real but has been observed in the wild by trained professionals. Anyone else remember Nina Kulagina?


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    After pouring a cup of tea for her little girl, Marcia went to the kitchen, and when she opened the door, a bottle came flying at her. She shut the door, quick. A moment later she opened it again, and when she saw another bottle suspended in the air, she slammed the door shut, picked up her children, and ran out of the house. But the occurrences were about to escalate. Before the end of the week, as shown in the video Marcia’s family would be forced to leave forever.

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    Actually psychokinesis has been proven conclusively in hundreds of
    studies during the past 150 years. It is just that certain groups of
    people like the religious and what are called materialist scientists, do
    not accept any studies no matter how rigorous or academically
    supervised. Look up the Scole Experiment. There are countless others.