How different would it be if you would have taken that out-of-state job offer that one time? What about those few seconds that delayed you that morning of that horrible accident? An accident you narrowly avoided being part of.

In our world there are infinite possibilities in our every day decision making, however we get to only live out in one set of possibilities. True or false. Yes or no. Take the job, or don’t. But if we dropped down into the minute world of Quantum mechanics, then the possibilities exponentially increase.

Quantum superposition is the principle in quantum mechanics that states that any two or more quantum states can be added together, resulting in another valid quantum state. In other words, an atom can be excited or not at the same time. Or it could be in two position, also at the same time.


On July 16th, 2008 a woman by the name of Lerina Garcia Gordo posted a comment in an online forum asking for help. The 41 year-old Spanish woman claimed to have woken up in a parallel universe. A world not-unlike the one she had left before going to sleep. However small inconsistencies in various aspects of her life began to convince her that she was in fact, living in an alternate reality.

This is the story of Lerina Garcia Gordo, the woman who claims to be from a parallel universe.


BED-SHEETSOn the morning of July 16th, Lerina awoke to find that her bedsheets were of a different color. She was confused and disturbed at the fact that they were of a  completely different set. It wasn’t just the colors that were different. Not being able to come up with a rational explanation, Lerina decided to get ready and head to her office job. A job that she had been employed for the past 20 or so years.

Her car was in the same spot she had left it the night prior. She got in and drove off, commuting down the same path she had grown accustomed to since moving into her apartment seven years ago. Besides the bed sheets, everything else seemed normal for Lerina. That is until she arrived at her office. Inside the office building there were a few strange people she had not met before but that didn’t raise any flags. Lerina walked towards her own office only to discover that there was a different name tag on her office door. It wasn’t her name.

She then thought that maybe she had gotten off on the wrong floor of the building however a quick look revealed that she was on the right one. She had gone to the right office, it was just that her name had been replaced.

Lerina was confused. Had she gotten fired and no one told her? After 20 years of faithful work, this is how they let her know?

She took out her laptop and connected to the company’s wireless network. There she found that she was still on the company’s roster however it showed that she was under a different manager, in a totally different department. Her head was in a tailspin.

She immediately checked her credit cards, driver’s license, and work ID. They all reflected the right information as far as she knew. Same name, same picture, same numbers, and same home address. Not knowing what to think, she called her job and told her she was taking a sick day. The inconsistencies that morning made her think that something was wrong medically with her.

She took the rest of the day off and headed straight to the doctor’s office. There they ran test on her, checking for signs of any illicit drugs in her system. The tests came back negative. She had no alcohol or drugs in her system.

Lerina went back home and began going through her personal files. Bank statements, personal checks, bills….she double checked them all. They all showed the right information. So a thought popped into her head.  ‘What if this is amnesia? What if something happened to me and I can’t remember parts of my life?’

Immediately she logged online and began scouring the internet. She saw that the news and top stories were the same as the previous night, so there were no missing days. As far as Lerina knew, she had woken up living a slightly different life.

It had been six months since Lerina had left her boyfriend of seven  years. She had recently started dating a man (Agustin) that lived down the street from her. They had been dating for only four months, however she knew him quite well. When she called her new boyfriend’s number, someone else picked up. They told Lerina that there was no one with the name Agustin, or that matched her description  living in that house.

The news shocked her as she had spent the last four months getting to know the guy. She had even met his son and had started to Spain-Sevilladevelop a relationship with him as well. But now, there were no signs of her boyfriend and his son at all. As the day passed, she found more and more inconsistencies. She had no choice but to go into work the next day and pretend that she belonged.

Still, Lerina called and called but no one had heard of Agustin or his son. It was as if they never existed. That’s when she learned that she had never left her ex boyfriend. That they had been together since seven years ago and there was no sign of them having ever separated.

Lerina didn’t know what to think. What had happened to the life she knew? What had happened to her career? Had she hallucinated it all?

The one thing she thought was that maybe she had a nervous breakdown at one point. Severe enough to implant false memories into her head, or at least that’s what she thought when she visited a psychiatric clinic. However tests concluded that she was of healthy body and healthy mind. The doctors told her that maybe she was under a lot of stress and could have hallucinated it all. An explanation she had thought about but knew wasn’t true.  She set out to look for her boyfriend Agustin, but came back empty handed. A hired investigator concluded that there were no signs of Agustin or his son in that city.

Her own family thought that Lerina was going insane when she asked about her younger sister’s shoulder operation. They looked at her with confusion as Lerina insisted that her sister had recently had surgery on her shoulder. A claim that no one in her family could back up. As far as her family knew, there had been no surgeries done to any member of the family.

Days, weeks, and months passed as Lerina began to discover small but unnerving differences in her life. Clothing in her drawers and closets that she didn’t remember buying, blog posts she had made weeks, even days before, were gone. Emails and chats were no longer archived in her computer. However browsing through news sites and blogs, the world appeared to be the same. Just like she had remembered before going to bed that July night.

As the months passed and no answers could be found, Lerina became convinced that she had simply just gone to bed one night and awoke in a parallel universe. A world in which her life had been altered by small decisions of her past.

Having sought medical attention Lerina knew that no one would believe her ordeal. So she did what anyone in her position would do: Make a post in an online forum about her ordeal and ask for help.

Translated from Spanish:

Please, if anyone has gone through something similar, please contact me. I want to know what happened to me, as no pathology can tell me what has happened to me. I’ve spent the last five months reading theories that I find online and I’m convinced that I have jumped into an alternate reality. Something, some action I must have taken has changed my reality.

If I did jump into a parallel universe, then why am I living in the same year? I’m the same person, just minor differences in life.

To explain myself better, this is like having lost the last 5 months of my life. It’s like they were all just a dream, however everyone else has the memories of those 5 months except for me. And I’ve done things during that time that I have no memory of doing so.

Please, abstain from making jokes or telling me that you have “the truth”. This is very serious to me.

Thank you:[email protected]

Lerina’s original post:

What happened to Lerina Garcia Gordo? Did she suffer from a medical condition that made her believe she lived in an alternate world? Did she actually wake up in a different universe?


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  • Manpreet Singh

    It is highly likely that whatever she believes in is true. But I didn’t know if you can slip into an alternate universe just like that. As far as I understand, this can happen only if someone goes back in the past and change something. This would change the series of events from that time until today and yes, then you do get to understand why this happened. However, this is not the case in here. This one looks a lot complicated. I don’t know if she got help from someone in understanding what exactly happened.

  • Paul Denet

    Anybody ever professionally interviewed her or conducted an investigation into her claims or given her a polygraph exam or is there any more significant info on this case anywhere?

  • erika

    i like to believe these stories – and the more people share their paranorm experiences the more we can push the para into the norm. So, i accept someones truth as truth. i’m hating my reality now and i literally fantasize about what my parallel realities might be like.

    i also heard that your soul can be in more than one body, one space/dimension at more than one time.As ‘time’ doesn’t really exist, it’s mans concept. i always curious if para realities exist, and we have souls that are unique (which I believe in the soul) than how could that unique soul occupy more than one body? even if that body is your doppelganger. But prebirth/afterlife phenom is really fascinating to me and i finally got the answer to that question.

    still your soul is whole, your conciousness is whole, one entity, even though it may be multi-tasking and only in the afterlife do you become conscious of all your parellel existences….this world truly is just a stage and we really are just players. souls dressed up in costume, playing a part, act 1 and 2, lots of drama and…curtain call.

  • Debbie

    I think it’s entirely possible to change universes Lerina. It must be quite a shock to be transported through to another universe – I admire your courage in sorting through it all. You have my compassion; I hope you are somehow managing to get some coherence back into your life. Perhaps a hypnotist that specializes in regression events may help you find some clues as to what happened during your sleep period that day.

    Welcome to our universe Lerina. Many blessings to you.

  • Frederic Krueger

    Changing “realities” is probably easy enough, but most don’t remember it:

    a) They find themselves in a reality they have no recollection of.
    b) They have recollections but of a different reality that they are in.

    Any other besides those two cases would mean you wouldn’t even notice changing realities, because your memories would be in-line with where you are.. also, this reminds me of schizophrenia, which can have (amongst other symptoms) a few symptoms that seem awfully similar to this. Alas schizophrenia usually has physically measurable indicators, like increased dopamine levels etc.

    It is a mystery, but I like mysteries 🙂

  • Michael Sotiropoulos

    She was very lucky.I crave to be trasferred to another similar universe(with the absence of some ordeals), but no luck……

  • Kristi Brown

    Maybe someone else went back in the past and changed something (dealing directly or indirectly to her) and it happened to alter the life she once knew. Maybe someone did it to save her life, maybe it had nothing to do with her directly but affected her all the same. I usually read something and can get a gut feel if the person is genuine and I do believe she is genuine. Makes you wonder.

  • I believe in the paranormal and according to scientists, it is possible that there are other dimensions out there. However, I’m also a journalist and that’s the first thing I would do: Check out her claims and actually interview her.


    Very Interesting.

  • Peter A.

    I believe this story, yet at the same time I don’t. The reason for my ambivalent attitude is due to the fact that, being the type of person who notices details that others generally overlook, combined with an ability to recall such specific details years later, I have noticed small discrepancies appear from time to time that have cried out for a rational explanation, with none forthcoming. However, if this phenomenon is actually real then it means that our understanding of the reality we all share has far more to it than anyone would willingly accept, and I cannot at this point in time come up with an answer as to how something like this could ever happen. Stories like this are confusing, mysterious, and of course entertaining, but I just wish the veracity of them could be established with a far greater degree of certainty.

    Type in the name “Lerina Garcia Gordo” at the Google prompt, and you get 588,000 results, but which one of these can provide us with the evidence we would need to establish whether or not this story is actually true? That’s what makes all of this so frustrating, because there are too many potential sources out there, and most of us just don’t have the time and/or resources to sift through it all.

  • Gwandau

    First of all, I am in no position to tell if this woman is telling the truth, just like you who read my story will be unable to tell if it is true. It is an experience that only can be validated first hand.
    Still I could not refrain to send her an email about my own story and my progress in understanding what happened to me. Maybe she is a fake, maybe the email is since long outdated. Still I hope at least I will get an response and some means to detect any genuinity in her answer.

    My input here are for those few who have a personal experience of strange reality glitches as well as those of you who are interested in an unorthodox explanation of the dynamics of reality and who are on a conscious level that might resonate with what I have to say.

    The rest of you dear readers, who lack any kind of experience in this regard, will inevatbly become quite disturbed by my words and most likely will not have the means to understand what I am trying to convey. There is a universal law of consciousness that says our sight is restricted to downward and horizontal levels of consciousness, in the upward direction nothing is perceived.

    Since I have an experience similar to this woman, happening to me in the summer of 1977, I have since then been stalking the dynamics of our reality. Today I am at ease with what happened to me those days and I have come to an conclusion that seems to incorporate my fate into a quite natural way of how our reality actually works. You see, I found we are all subjected to shifts between realities all the time, it is actually the very basic nature of reality and most of these shifts are happening every second right in front of us. Simple physical movement and change are two major examples of this reality shifting mechanism that we all have taken for granted as being actual movements within a single universe.

    The only difference between simple movement and fully recognizeable shifts in the reality around us is the vector direction through multiverse. The horizontal vector direction within same level creates simple movement and traceable change. On the other hand a vertical vector direction though multiverse creates noticeable and untraceable shifts resulting in navigation to places with a different setting.

    We are actually all navigating vertically through multiverse from times to times although most of these shifts are quite small and hard to notice. But the only differences apparent in vertical navigation is the size of the shift and the factors determining the size.

    A lot of things we take for granted are totally wrong. Or more correctly, our senses are delivering us an experience that primarily is of an illusory nature, and as a result our conclusions of physical reality are delivering us an inadequate picture.

    Everything in reality is about these shifts. The very experience of movement is the result of our intent. Even such a simple thing as moving your arm is the result of seamless shifts between adjacent realities.

    In this infinity of realities that makes up the multiverse our own consciousness is the very node that creates all experience of change and movement. The human concept of movement as we are taught, is wrong. Movement within one single universe does not exist since there is no such thing as a single universe separated from other universes. Everything is seamlessly linked together in a infinite multiverse and we are all navigating through this multiverse every second, every moment of our life and beyond.

    So when I experienced the vertical reality shift 1977 I just happened to take a bigger “step” than usual, creating the mindblowing discrepancy so clearly differing from my earlier position in the multiverse.

    My hope is to reach this woman and tell her about a method I have found and how it is possible to navigate in multiverse using your intent as a power vector. I have tried this method and it works. Even if my propagation speed through multiverse presently is quite slow, it works flawlessly.

    My personal interest in this story of hers is the long awaiting possibility to find someone with the same degree of shift experience. Maybe there are many others out there with the same strange experience. Even small shifts are of interest. I would like all with these experiences getting together for the benefit of a greater understanding about the triggers that makes the big shifts happen. This is all about exploration of uncharted grounds never before attempted to grasp, and the novelty of this quest is unparrallelled in humanity.

    Anyone stalking reality and having some noticeable signs of the vertical shift are welcome to contact me.


    [email protected]

  • Erika Munoz

    I’ve recently had a , I guess you could say over lap of time , or dimensions. I relived an event that aired on the news about a sports anchor mans death . apparently he was well known for his unusual, colorful shirts he wore during his interviews. Maybe some of you remember better than I do but this story aired a few weeks ago . but I watched the same story on that same man and his death just a few months ago. It was like deja vu . I remember that exact evening because I was home alone. And I like in a household of 9 occupants so this doesn’t happen offen. Some type of glitch in the matrix ? Something to do with the Mandela effect?? Its frustrating not having direct answers. Only theories. It can’t be a mental illness that an entire collection of consciousness is experiencing