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How different would it be if you would have taken that out-of-state job offer that one time? What about those few seconds that delayed you that morning of that horrible accident? An accident you narrowly avoided being part of.

In our world there are infinite possibilities in our every day decision making, however we get to only live out in one set of possibilities. True or false. Yes or no. Take the job, or don’t. But if we dropped down into the minute world of Quantum mechanics, then the possibilities exponentially increase.

Quantum superposition is the principle in quantum mechanics that states that any two or more quantum states can be added together, resulting in another valid quantum state. In other words, an atom can be excited or not at the same time. Or it could be in two position, also at the same time.


On July 16th, 2008 a woman by the name of Lerina Garcia Gordo posted a comment in an online forum asking for help. The 41 year-old Spanish woman claimed to have woken up in a parallel universe. A world not-unlike the one she had left before going to sleep. However small inconsistencies in various aspects of her life began to convince her that she was in fact, living in an alternate reality.

This is the story of Lerina Garcia Gordo, the woman who claims to be from a parallel universe.


BED-SHEETSOn the morning of July 16th, Lerina awoke to find that her bedsheets were of a different color. She was confused and disturbed at the fact that they were of a  completely different set. It wasn’t just the colors that were different. Not being able to come up with a rational explanation, Lerina decided to get ready and head to her office job. A job that she had been employed for the past 20 or so years.

Her car was in the same spot she had left it the night prior. She got in and drove off, commuting down the same path she had grown accustomed to since moving into her apartment seven years ago. Besides the bed sheets, everything else seemed normal for Lerina. That is until she arrived at her office. Inside the office building there were a few strange people she had not met before but that didn’t raise any flags. Lerina walked towards her own office only to discover that there was a different name tag on her office door. It wasn’t her name.

She then thought that maybe she had gotten off on the wrong floor of the building however a quick look revealed that she was on the right one. She had gone to the right office, it was just that her name had been replaced.

Lerina was confused. Had she gotten fired and no one told her? After 20 years of faithful work, this is how they let her know?

She took out her laptop and connected to the company’s wireless network. There she found that she was still on the company’s roster however it showed that she was under a different manager, in a totally different department. Her head was in a tailspin.

She immediately checked her credit cards, driver’s license, and work ID. They all reflected the right information as far as she knew. Same name, same picture, same numbers, and same home address. Not knowing what to think, she called her job and told her she was taking a sick day. The inconsistencies that morning made her think that something was wrong medically with her.

She took the rest of the day off and headed straight to the doctor’s office. There they ran test on her, checking for signs of any illicit drugs in her system. The tests came back negative. She had no alcohol or drugs in her system.

Lerina went back home and began going through her personal files. Bank statements, personal checks, bills….she double checked them all. They all showed the right information. So a thought popped into her head.  ‘What if this is amnesia? What if something happened to me and I can’t remember parts of my life?’

Immediately she logged online and began scouring the internet. She saw that the news and top stories were the same as the previous night, so there were no missing days. As far as Lerina knew, she had woken up living a slightly different life.

It had been six months since Lerina had left her boyfriend of seven  years. She had recently started dating a man (Agustin) that lived down the street from her. They had been dating for only four months, however she knew him quite well. When she called her new boyfriend’s number, someone else picked up. They told Lerina that there was no one with the name Agustin, or that matched her description  living in that house.

The news shocked her as she had spent the last four months getting to know the guy. She had even met his son and had started to Spain-Sevilladevelop a relationship with him as well. But now, there were no signs of her boyfriend and his son at all. As the day passed, she found more and more inconsistencies. She had no choice but to go into work the next day and pretend that she belonged.

Still, Lerina called and called but no one had heard of Agustin or his son. It was as if they never existed. That’s when she learned that she had never left her ex boyfriend. That they had been together since seven years ago and there was no sign of them having ever separated.

Lerina didn’t know what to think. What had happened to the life she knew? What had happened to her career? Had she hallucinated it all?

The one thing she thought was that maybe she had a nervous breakdown at one point. Severe enough to implant false memories into her head, or at least that’s what she thought when she visited a psychiatric clinic. However tests concluded that she was of healthy body and healthy mind. The doctors told her that maybe she was under a lot of stress and could have hallucinated it all. An explanation she had thought about but knew wasn’t true.  She set out to look for her boyfriend Agustin, but came back empty handed. A hired investigator concluded that there were no signs of Agustin or his son in that city.

Her own family thought that Lerina was going insane when she asked about her younger sister’s shoulder operation. They looked at her with confusion as Lerina insisted that her sister had recently had surgery on her shoulder. A claim that no one in her family could back up. As far as her family knew, there had been no surgeries done to any member of the family.

Days, weeks, and months passed as Lerina began to discover small but unnerving differences in her life. Clothing in her drawers and closets that she didn’t remember buying, blog posts she had made weeks, even days before, were gone. Emails and chats were no longer archived in her computer. However browsing through news sites and blogs, the world appeared to be the same. Just like she had remembered before going to bed that July night.

As the months passed and no answers could be found, Lerina became convinced that she had simply just gone to bed one night and awoke in a parallel universe. A world in which her life had been altered by small decisions of her past.

Having sought medical attention Lerina knew that no one would believe her ordeal. So she did what anyone in her position would do: Make a post in an online forum about her ordeal and ask for help.

Translated from Spanish:

Please, if anyone has gone through something similar, please contact me. I want to know what happened to me, as no pathology can tell me what has happened to me. I’ve spent the last five months reading theories that I find online and I’m convinced that I have jumped into an alternate reality. Something, some action I must have taken has changed my reality.

If I did jump into a parallel universe, then why am I living in the same year? I’m the same person, just minor differences in life.

To explain myself better, this is like having lost the last 5 months of my life. It’s like they were all just a dream, however everyone else has the memories of those 5 months except for me. And I’ve done things during that time that I have no memory of doing so.

Please, abstain from making jokes or telling me that you have “the truth”. This is very serious to me.

Thank you: [email protected]

Lerina’s original post:

What happened to Lerina Garcia Gordo? Did she suffer from a medical condition that made her believe she lived in an alternate world? Did she actually wake up in a different universe?


  • Gwandau

    Dear Erika Munoz, I have started a group dedicated to the understanding of the underlying dynamics of reality based on my own experiences 1977 and the following forty years of experimental study in this novel area of knowledge.

    May I use your story as material in my research?
    I would be honoured to have you as a member in my research group.

  • Gwandau

    Peter A. , if your interest is genuine I would be happy to have you as a member of my research group dedicated to the understanding of the underlying dynamics of reality based on my own experiences 1977 and the following forty years of experimental study in this novel area of knowledge.

  • Gwandau

    Frederic Krueger, I would be honoured to have you as a member of my research group dedicated to the understanding of the underlying dynamics of reality based on my own experiences 1977 and the following forty years of experimental study in this novel area of knowledge. I need people with the ability to think outside the box in this research project. Hope to see you there.

  • Erika Munoz

    Yes of course

  • Peter A.

    Really? Yes, I am interested, because stories like this are interesting, because they point to an aspect of reality we may otherwise be completely unaware of. They hint at something more. I notice it’s a “Facebook” group. I don’t belong to Facebook, for many reasons, one of those reasons being their cavalier attitude towards privacy. Would that be a problem? I guess I could join up, but not leave any personal information on my account (which Facebook would then pass on to others).

  • Manpreet Singh

    Hi Kristi,

    I get what you are saying, but if someone else went back and changed something, then what ever he did was related to him/her and not to Lerina. Going into past is another way of saying going into another universe. So whatever changes he made in the past was related to him and that another universe. That change will take place altogether in a separate universe and not the present one. I know it a bit complicated and I am not even sure what I am saying. May be you are right, may be not. Its a mysterious world and its nice to know that there are other people like me who take interest in these things. 🙂

  • Aishwarya Shrivastava

    I would like to have a word with you.. I am not sure if it will give all your answers you are searching for but I will try my best.. And by telling this incidence you are helping me in my work..

  • Aishwarya Shrivastava

    I would like to join your research

  • Gwandau

    You are welcome to participate in my little research group. It is young and freshly born into this reality, so our steps are like the first steps of a child, still looking for a way to implement the dynamics of multiverse in a repatable way.

  • Adrian Cardenas

    I would like to know what information you have. When I was a child I remembered going to see a movie with my family called “The Iron Giant”. A few years later I saw commercials on TV about this movie and was wondering why an old movie would be advertised. It turns out this movie hadn’t came out yet but I remember seeing this movie years earlier. It’s not that big a deal but I have always been curious as to how I can remember seeing a movie that had not came out. Thank you

  • arlingtonVA’s finest

    I can’t believe people take this story seriously. Idiots post stupid things on the internet all the time.

    Hell, I’ll take a stab at it: my name is Evan Silva. I’m 26 and live in Washington DC. But I’m actually the reincarnated ghost of John F. Kennedy. I’m here to tell the world that a man named Harry Baals is my real killer, because he was jealous I was banging his girl. He was the man in the grassy knoll and the girl I was banging was the Babooshka Lady.

    See? Now can I please get an article about my amazing, mysterious, and completely 100% true story on Ghost Theory? Thanks much!

  • Amyah Labrèche-Docq

    There is so many things we don’t know. I remember, in 1984, I bought a jacket. I liked it very much. Inside the jacket there was the usual sticker with the company name and, written under the name was written… serving you since… 1999. I made a research and this company was not existing in 1984. Later on, in the beginning of the years 2000, I did another reseach as this was buggering me. I found this company, founded in… 1999. I had several experiences of this sort bewildering me but they were real and I had many witnesses so… what happened? I don’t know… but we are living in a microscopic portion of an infinite universe and there is sooooo many things we don’t know. Maybe this lady lived an extraordinary experience… but… where is she now? What happened to her?

  • Humanitarian De Jayson

    wow you are slipping, I guess I am too, like having to remember doing a specific thing and ended up not doing it,
    the other day my boss asked me who signed my over time form and I was like you did but she said she did not remember signing it and that the signature was written using a blue pen which she says she always use a black pen, also there were 2 missing dots in the signature. Yep I almost got into trouble because of this. I wonder if I slipped from a parallel

  • Humanitarian De Jayson

    count me in! please read through my experience just a few days ago.

    the other day my boss asked me who signed my over time form and I was like you did but she said she did not remember signing it and that the signature was written using a blue pen which she says she always use a black pen, also there were 2 missing dots in the signature. Yep I almost got into trouble because of this. I wonder if I slipped from a parallel

  • Gwandau

    Humanitarian De Jayson, there are no separate parallell universes the way we have been conditioned to think.
    I have found it to consist of a much more magnificient reality system than a multitude of separately confined universes.
    On the contrarry, there is only one single multiverse consisting of a an infinity of different “coordinates” stretching out in an infinity of directions.
    When you “slip between universes” you are “just” altering your coordinates within one and same multiverse. The “slip” may be of such radical change in direction that a lot of things suddenly doesn’t look the same anymore.But you don’t move from one universe to another really. You just move your consciousness into another coordinate within multiverse.
    This is what I have found and you are welcome to check it out further on my little research page called The Art of Multiverse Navigation.