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I take my dog out for walks in one of Brooklyn’s oldest and biggest cemeteries. Short hills littered with graves and trees that spread out across hundreds of acres. She likes the scenic route which takes us near a grassy hill that’s filled with pieces of busted headstones half-buried in the ground. There are several moldy graves and crumbling mauthing. Sas well. It was there that I had stopped to tie my shoe and casually snap a photo of my dog. I was able to take two photographs before my phone’s battery drained completely.

So the following day I did the same thing. Same route, same time, same attempt to snap a picture. I got the same results. My battery drained within 2 or 3 pictures taken. It had drained from 100% to 0% (turned off completely) in a matter of seconds. So I tried it a third time and got the same results. At that point, I looked at my dog and told her that from now on we would be walking on the other side of the cemetery. No issues taking pictures on that side. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Right?

Those who aren’t chicken shit like me would love to investigate this phenomena a bit further. Like the guy that runs the YouTube channel Exploring Abandoned MinesFor almost a decade he’s been posting videos of his adventures into abandoned mines around the Nevada area. Amongst the extensive video list, there are two or three videos in which he managed to capture something eerie. Disembodied whispers, noises, and voices deep in the desert’s underground.

What makes these recordings creepy is the fact that this guy is not out there trying to collect evidence of ghosts. He’s out there (or down there) exploring mines.

Listen to the whispering in this video as the explorer ventures deep into the Waldeck Mine while attempting to give a review of his new flashlight. Starts at the 12:00 minute mark:

The indiscernible whispers are low but clear enough to let us know that it’s not wind nor an animal making them. If we take the explorer’s word on this, there is no hoax or audio effects in play. What you are listening to is raw audio from deep inside the Waldeck Mine.

Here’s a basic audio breakdown provided by another YouTuber:

  • villelai

    Quite interesting, especially when you consider that he isn’t a ghosthunter… have you contacted anyone to come and figure out the mine you have bumped into?

  • Linnet

    Re yellow rock – – google limonite; good info in Wikipedia article. It is sulfur in combination with other elements

  • schillmacguffin

    Certainly interesting. The explorer’s explanation of why he’s doing an uninterrupted video makes me suspicious — as if he’s “lampshading” the fact that this is unusual for him, but necessary to make the sounds into a convincing mystery. On the other hand, if this is a hoax, it’s a pretty subtle and carefully-staged one. Maybe he’s not shooting for fame and fortune — just looking for more views of his videos.

    Even aside from the mystery itself, I’m surprised that anyone would be exploring abandoned mines solo, in the middle of the night, during a storm. Is this his standard operating procedure? Are there others out there doing the same thing? If so, I think they’re nuts. Granted a spontaneous collapse of the whole tunnel would be unlikely, but it hardly seems impossible that he’d disturb something that would drop some heavy rocks and land him in a 127 Hours situation.

  • Les

    It could be the sound of water tricking through cracks with the sound echoing through the tunnel. I’ve heard similar sounds in old buildings.

  • Terricahd

    I enjoyed this video, it’s pretty creepy!

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  • Christie Webb

    Sounds like chanting to me. Listening closer I could hear “Faster…faster” Idk…very interesting and definitely creepy whatever it is.

  • Dingus

    That isn’t necessarily a ghost or wind, an alternative explanation could be some cryptoid, such as a group of cloaked Reptoids (they apparently live underground).


    i had replayed the audio over and over while listening to it with headphones on, i have concluded from reading all the comments and my own experience, everyone hears something different which is far more creepy than the actual whispers, i heard a different language all together

  • Vivian Li

    How can we be absolutely sure that the audio wasn’t edited/falsified in any way, or recorded and added on after-the-fact? This Youtuber has indeed been known to create hoaxes here and there – the swinging chains in the mine shaft in one of his videos, for example (which could not have moved on their own that drastically, and at the same time the camera panned away). I’m skeptical.