• Trail Cam Biped Deconstructed

    Trail Cam Biped Deconstructed21

    • December 11, 2012

    Today we are reviewing a story that was making rounds toward the end of last week and appeared at some very reputable sites. This one began with a trail cam photo on the Facebook page, ‘Chasing Trophy Whitetails’. The picture in question is seemingly showing some sort of strange biped creature. As soon as I

  • New BEK Report From PA9

    • November 12, 2012

    As many of our regulars know, we have several articles involving the mysterious phenomenon know as the BEKs or Black Eyed Kids. For those of you who are new to this curious subject, Black Eyed Kids are described as young children ranging in age from 8 to 18. They are most often said to emanate

  • Boo or BS: Is This A Real Ghost?

    Boo or BS: Is This A Real Ghost?11

    • January 28, 2012

    Yesterday, I was very perturbed by the fact that all the UK websites which put out regular paranormal stuff were down. At the root of my irritation was one particular story about a ghost photographed in the window of a structure slated for demolition early this week. I wanted to post it but obviously couldn’t.


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