Skeptical Q&A with Chip Coffey

Skeptical Q&A with Chip Coffey

Who believes in psychics? Do you? I do.

Well, I don’t know really, but what I can tell you is that I have gone to a particular psychic more than once because she was good at given me advice. Things that she knew about me that I could not explain how she knew. Things that she predicted that happened. I don’t mean vague things like “You will be aroused by a shampoo commercial” (Simpsons’ joke).

I have not gone to her in years because she is no longer providing her services to civilians. She was recruited by either the Police Dept. or the FBI. I don’t remember.

When we had heard that Chip Coffey was going to be interviewed on EERIE Radio and would be taking questions from the web, we had some questions lined up for him. Unfortunately, Mr. Coffee canceled because of the nature of the questions.

The questions that we, the editors of GhostTheory, had were skeptical in nature. Never were they disrespectful or consisted of childish and horrible name calling.

Given that the critics and paranormal community are very skeptical of Chip Coffey’s abilities, it’s unfortunate that there are those who resort to an ad hominem attack. So it’s understandable why Mr. Coffey canceled.

What is not understandable is why he has not answered the skeptics and their questions. I’m not saying that everyone should always explain their actions or themselves at all times. I don’t explain my quirks to people, I could care less what they think. But I’m not in the limelight.
People do not come to me with their problems or their lives and ask me to take those things into my own hands and provide some explanation or help.

So we feel that the community is owed some answers.

I contacted Mr. Coffey and asked him if he could provide us with a few answers to the questions that we were going to ask him on the EERIE Radio interview. He was clear that he thought that GhostTheory was a “Chip Coffey and Paranormal State bashing site”, but he agreed to read over the questions and answer those that he saw fit.

Below are the questions that Gary, Joe and Myself had for Mr. Coffey. I would like to thank him for taking time and answering them.

Q: Can you respond to comments and critics that comment on being in this for the money? I’ve read in and out through blogs and forums that all that you care about is the money and nothing you do is non profit. Does Chip Coffey assist in non profit and if so, what?

Of course I care about money! Money pays my bills and buys me things…like food and shelter and clothing. Is money ALL that I care about? That is such a ludicrous and insulting question. No, money is certainly NOT ALL that I care about!

Yes, I frequently do charity work. I have done numerous fundraising events for no pay and will continue to do so, when I am able. I frequently donate readings and/or items to fundraising/charitable events. I often give money to support the rescue of animals who are in imminent danger of being euthanized. In fact, I collect money for animal rescue during events that I attend. I also work with various hospice-related organizations as a volunteer.

Q: About Psychic Kids.

Is there any counseling for these children because of their so-called abilities? Yes

In school we all know people get teased and tormented for being different.

Are these any concerns for any of the children ? Of course. No one wants to be ridiculed or tormented for “being different.” Those who torment and ridicule others are, in my opinion, despicable!

Q: Also lots of parents have commented on this show Psychic Kids. Lots of concerns with children and having mental disorders. Is this something that has been looked into for all children on the show?

I am not at liberty to discuss the mental health of children who have appeared on “Psychic Kids.” But I will say this: those who do not believe in psychic abilities or paranormal phenomena frequently claim and/or assume that individuals who have these experiences are either physically or psychologically impaired. Personally, I do not believe this to be true…at least not in every instance.

Q: Can you explain the high level of Demonic possession/activity in the Paranormal State TV show? Why do we see so many cases in which the team declares demons to be at work and the church brought in?

Out of 50+ episodes of “Paranormal State,” only a handful have dealt with demonic activity or possession. Members of the clergy are frequently asked — not just by “Paranormal State” — to assist on such cases

Q: Can you explain how you yourself and the PRS team came to a conclusion that your client from the “I am six” episode was possessed? Were you guys not aware that she had a history of mental disorder?

I am not at liberty to discuss this case.

Q: To all the skeptics who say that you are in it for the money and fame, what do you have to say to them?

LOL — another silly question. Is there anything wrong with money or fame? Many people work their entire lives, hoping to have money and fame. I make no apologies whatsoever for being hard working and/or ambitious! Most successful people are BOTH! And once again, as previously stated, I am certainly NOT solely “in it for the money and fame.”

Q: When you are called onto a case on the “Paranormal State” show, your readings are 100% on the mark. With such high success rate, why not work with local police departments?

I have assisted with forensic investigations, but I do not frequently choose to do so. Quite often, the criminals who have committed crimes are still “at large,” so I elect not to place myself in a position of potential personal jeopardy by publicly announcing that I am involved with an ongoing investigation.

And by the way, I have NEVER claimed that my readings are 100% accurate.

Q: Do you have a personal paranormal experience that led you to your current career?

Although I have had personal paranormal experiences throughout my entire life, no single experience led me to my current career.

Q: What’s next for Chip Coffey?

A nap. 😉

Q: So why all the problems dealing with skeptical inquiry? Now if you have read anything on our site besides what pertains to you, we are actually quite open-minded about paranormal issues. We would actually like to hear your take on things.

I, myself, am a healthy skeptic. What I am NOT is someone who belittles, berates, maligns, libels, slanders and/or threatens others. I have no problem with skeptics. I DO have a problem with closed-minded, judgmental individuals who think they know it all.

Q:How do your talents work? At what range do they work?

I don’t know how my talents work. They just…do. Re: range — I’d like to think that my talents are “free range” and “organic.”

Q: Why not do the Randi challenge and be done with it?

Because I certainly do not feel the need to prove anything to Mr. Amazing Randi. Or anyone else, for that matter! My goal is to provide a service that my clients consider valuable and meaningful to them. I have conducted thousands of readings for clients and I am proud to say that there have only been a handful of individuals who have been dissatisfied with or disgruntled by the outcome.