• ‘Alien’ Filmed In Brazil Rainforest?

    ‘Alien’ Filmed In Brazil Rainforest?52

    • October 21, 2011

      With several thousand different species that thrive in a Brazilian rainforest, here is one more to add to the list. An “alien” was supposedly caught on film in the forests of Manaus, Brazil. According to several of the major online news sites like The Sun and the Daily Mail –both these sites misspelled Manaus–,

  • Daily Mail ‘UFO Photo’: Not What It Seems

    Daily Mail ‘UFO Photo’: Not What It Seems18

    • October 11, 2011

        The Daily Mail has published what they claim is a photograph of a UFO off the Cornish Coast. In the article, the image is said to be of a UFO, or possibly a USO emerging from the depths of the ocean. “The person who took the photo never saw anything in the area


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