• Haunted UCLA: The Parapsychology Lab

    Haunted UCLA: The Parapsychology Lab0

    • June 5, 2015

    In his most recent interview conducted by UCLA Studio 22, Dr. Barry Taff takes us back to the golden days of what was once UCLA’s Parapsychology Lab. A place where like-minded researchers were free to explore realms like precognition, psychokinesis, and the poltergeist phenomena. Listen as Dr. Taff breaks down the real meaning of the

  • Paranormal Reality Shows. Who’s Still Watching?

    Paranormal Reality Shows. Who’s Still Watching?23

    • December 19, 2013

    Those of you who have been following GhostTheory throughout the years understand our stance when it comes to reality television. Especially when it comes to paranormal reality shows. In the last few years the term ‘paranormal research’ has truly lost its meaning. Parapsychology and psychokinetic research has been boiled-down to the generic term “ghost hunting”

  • Psi and Psychosis: Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid

    Psi and Psychosis: Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid3

    • December 22, 2012

    In his forty-four years dedicated to researching parapsychology, Dr. Barry Taff is certain of one thing: that the paranormal attracts more emotionally disturbed people than any other area of human interest or endeavor. It’s true. I’ve seen some crazy stuff throughout the years but none attributed to ghosts or ghouls. Most of the craziness comes from

  • Implicate Order By Design: A Quick Journey Through Paranormal Research

    Implicate Order By Design: A Quick Journey Through Paranormal Research12

    • August 25, 2012

    If I mention paranormal research to any friend of mine they would stare at me with a blank expression on their face. I used to get the same reaction as a kid when I would talk others about the paranormal. Only this time around my comments are usually followed with a “Oh, you mean like

  • What Really Happened To UCLA’s Parapsychology Lab

    What Really Happened To UCLA’s Parapsychology Lab18

    • July 19, 2012

      Between the years of 1967 and 1978, some strange things were being studied in a small room at the University of California Los Angeles. These strange things were claims of ESP and PSI powers as well as claims of  ghosts and hauntings. The infamous Parapsychology lab of UCLA was born in the late 60s.

  • Dr. Barry Taff Fundraiser

    Dr. Barry Taff Fundraiser5

    • November 14, 2011

    SAVE BARRY TAFF This a fundraiser created on behalf of Dr. Barry Taff. Known primarily for the infamous “entity” case, Dr. Taff is a brilliant Parapsychologist and author of the new book “Aliens Above Ghosts Below.” Currently Barry is in trouble. He was diagnosed with a severe form of cataract in both of his eyes,

  • The Amherst Poltergeist

    The Amherst Poltergeist16

    • November 5, 2011

    The Amherst Poltergeist The year was 1878. A young Esther Cox, barely eighteen years old, is brutally attacked and almost raped by a friend of the family. Shortly after, the beginning of a cruel and dangerous poltergeist attack was witnessed and recorded by many. This is the Amherst Poltergeist case. ____________________________________________________________________   The Esther Cox

  • 1981: Cigar-shaped UFO Spotted Over Los Angeles

    1981: Cigar-shaped UFO Spotted Over Los Angeles3

    • September 30, 2011

        While having dinner with Dr. Barry Taff last weekend we found ourselves on the topic of UFOs. No surprise there, but honestly for the most part, our conversations tend to be less of the paranormal and more of everyday life. Anyways, Dr. Taff mentioned to me a UFO sighting that he had witnessed

  • The REAL Entity Case

    The REAL Entity Case27

    • August 6, 2011

    The following is a two part article in which Dr. Barry Taff and myself wrote with fresh insight from his original investigation of the case in 1974 and some new information that will be available in my upcoming book. This is an update to the Doris Bither story , or as it’s more commonly known,

  • Book Review: ‘Aliens Above, Ghosts Below’ – Dr. Barry Taff

    Book Review: ‘Aliens Above, Ghosts Below’ – Dr. Barry Taff5

    • April 15, 2011

    Simplicity. Simplicity is what makes for a good horror movie. There isn’t any need for elaborate plots, or million dollar special effects. No. Just a basic story, with ordinary characters and terrifying scenes in where most of the fear is left to the imagination of the audience. Do you remember reading “The Amityville Horror” or

  • Travel Channel: Ghostly Lovers8

    • February 14, 2011

    You know, I used to read stories that involved a succubus or incubus and I always rolled my eyes. Then I became a little more “learned” and figured that these claims of spectral intercourse (for lack of a better term) could be attributed to sleep paralysis or could be the result of a hypnagogic experience.

  • The haunting of Jackie Hernandez

    The haunting of Jackie Hernandez172

    • February 7, 2009

        Note: This is the edited and updated revision of this post. The original was written in 2009 and was unedited. In the summer of 1989 in a quiet neighborhood in San Pedro, California, Jackie Hernandez awoke in the middle of the night to see a ghastly vision in her children’s bedroom. Sitting in


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