• The Dark Walker

    The Dark Walker13

    • May 24, 2012

    This story comes to us from Lon over at Phantoms & Monsters. It is a submitted experience by “John”, one of Lon’s faithful readers. John relates a series of incidents that happened in his youth while living with his grandfather. His experience is centered around an entity that he refers to as “The Dark Walker”.

  • Supernatural Science: It’s in the Hair

    Supernatural Science: It’s in the Hair28

    • September 22, 2011

    Those that have seriously hunted Bigfoot know first hand just how difficult it is to actually witness one in the flesh. Sasquatch always seems to be several steps ahead of those that seek it out. Some would attribute psychic ability to supernatural powers, I say it’s part of us, our built in senses. It’s an

  • Hunting the Werewolf Hunter – Interview with Linda Godfrey34

    • November 12, 2008

    Werewolves are beings that belong in legends and Hollywood films like “The Howling” or “An American Werewolf in London”. When we think of Werewolves we think of full Moons, sliver bullets and shape-shifting humans with a thirst for human flesh. Located somewhere in a European forest or in wood carvings from the middle ages; but


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