• UFOs: Is The Wave Of Secrecy Cresting?

    UFOs: Is The Wave Of Secrecy Cresting?10

    • July 16, 2012

    A bit of physics fun for non surfers, that is to say people who surf in the water, not the web. A wave travels through the water, the water itself does not move, much, until that wave reaches the shore. A wave has two dimensions, Amplitude or height, and frequency or distance from peak to

  • Revelations: CIA Official Offers New Proof In Roswell UFO Case

    Revelations: CIA Official Offers New Proof In Roswell UFO Case11

    • July 7, 2012

    Okay, I know that many of you can cite this material by heart, but for those few who have been living in caves, without television, radio, internet, newspapers, books, friends, or NetFlix some background might be useful for what follows. I ask you to be just a little patient, or face it I have no

  • Nukes & UFOs: Gov’t Cover-Up8

    • March 5, 2010

    The article by Billy Cox from the HeraldTribune prods at the correlations between the history of nuclear technology in the United States and the increasing sightings of UFOs. Cox writes about Pat Broudy. A woman that came across an apparent UFO surveillance document while going through old paperwork to obtain her widow’s benefits from the


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