“Backyard Bigfoot”: Witness was “Seeing Things”

Patterson/Gimlin Bigfoot

Patterson/Gimlin Bigfoot

I think myself, as well as GhostTheory readers, saw this one coming a mile away. Contrary to what some blogs out there started posting as “Real evidence” or “Confirmed!”, No one had actually gone out to the location to investigate “Mr. Mike” and his claim that he was interacting with a group of Bigfoot.

That is to say, not until Christopher Noel posted a report on FaceBook about how a colleague of his actually went to visit “Mr. Mike” and soon realized himself that all these interactions that “Mr. Mike” claimed to be having were all just figments of his imagination. What a surprise.

Christopher Noel is an acclaimed author, having written 5 books on various subjects, his latest is called:
Impossible Visits: The Inside Story of Interactions with Sasquatch at Habituation Sites

Listen to the initial interview clip in which “Mr. Mike” talks about his interaction with the creatures:

Facebook Video

Noel becomes skeptical by Mr. Mike’s story:

I was definitely of two minds about the show last night. Like all of us, I so want “Mike” to be on the level, but now there are three babies and more adults? And they’re now freely venturing into the front yard, near traffic? It’s getting like Grand Central Station over there. On the other hand, “Mike” continues to sound persuasive, and if the private eye really did see and photograph large shapes…

And then later on his Facebook page, Noel informs the world of what his colleague had found out about Mike:

Man with Sasquatch Behind his House: UPDATE.
My colleague has been able to determine that “Mike” was simply
seeing things. “Mike” himself came to realize this during the course
of the night on-site, when the “creatures” did not materialize before
the thermal cameras. His initial account was compelling, and persuasively articulated,
so I think the responsible follow-up was performed…(continued

…Yes, this outcome is disappointing, but let’s look at it, also, as good news: It restores Sasquatch, for us, to its true nature, which is NOT to set up camp night after night in someone’s backyard, allowing him to come near them. If this were their MO, the species would not have been able to survive alongside us for eons, at least not as an autonomous creature not dominated by Homo sapiens.

Here is a short version of the video showing the
Sasquatch behind the woodpile, in East Texas. I post it now to mark a
contrast with “Mike’s” account. This species is MUCH more cautious than
the figments that appeared in his urban yard.

So much for “Mr. Mike” being a credible witness.

There will be people coming out of the woods from time to time and talk to many about having seen a Bigfoot and having had interactions with them. They will sound sober, credible, articulate and seem to have nothing to gain from their story, but in reality most of them turn out to be attention-seekers or just a few marbles short.

Today’s technology allows us to disseminate information at break-neck speeds all over the world. And like winning the lotto, it could be a good thing or it could be a bad thing. Depending on how you use it and who you tell.

I’m glad that we have respectable researchers out there committing their time and effort to debunk some of the craziest claims we have read in the past few years. This is a “Thank you” to all researchers out there whose work advances Cryptozoology and the paranormal.

Godspeed people, godspeed.