Follow up: Does this answer the question of the ghost child?


Seems reader/commenter hucksterfoot is on the ball with this one. He turned us on to the site ‘badghosts’ and an writeup there by bobdezon. Ol’ bob has a very good theory and it’s one that I’m more than inclined to agree with. Here is and excerpt from his article.

Perhaps the most striking feature of this submitted image is there is simply not enough room for a child to be crouching behind the girls. This only serves to add to the mystery. That is until you realize what you are looking at is actually a forced perspective image. The bottom and sides of the image have been removed.

I spent a short amount of time rebuilding the approximate dimensions of the image so we can ascertain what it may have looked like unedited. The results turned out pretty good. They clearly show that now there is more than enough room for a small child to be crouching behind the girls.

This effectively removes the description that what you are looking at is a virtual impossibility. It should be pointed out that this is in no means meant to be photo-realistic, it merely serves as an illustration to prove there is ample room for a crouched child in the non cropped image.


Now looking at it, without the forced perspective, does it really seem that paranormal? Why is it not just a kneeling child hiding, after possibly having a spat with the crying child? We only have several conflicting stories from several different sources to say there was no other child there in that room. I think we can safely discount that information as being inaccurate.

Do you have more information about the origins of this image? Can you help us trace its appearance back further than december 5th 2007? Do you know any of the people in the image, or indeed Matthew Summers? Are you the original owner of this image, and can you shed any further light as to its true nature? If so please feel free to contact us, so we can bring a reasonable conclusion to this obviously non paranormal hoax.


After examining bobdezon’s modified photo above it all becomes quite clear….At least to me. Of course there are hard core believers out there that will never be convinced but it’s awfully hard to deny. Bea and Red are right in that it’s getting more and more difficult to pass an authentic picture. Sometimes technology can be a bad thing but it’s not going to stop anytime soon. However something tells me that if there ever was an authentic picture to come along there would be something about it that would indicate authenticity. Of course that’s just my opinion but we have to hold out some sort of hope.

In the meantime I want to thank Hucksterfoot and Bobdezon for the heads up. Get it? Heads up? LOLOLOL! I should go on the road.