WikiLeaks’ UFO Cables: More About UFO Cults Than UFOs

Forbes has a recent post regarding Julian Assange and the upcoming cable release that might put a damper on all hope about proof of UFOs existing. And yes, I’m sad.

In a WikiLeaks roundtable called “Live People’s Conference”, Assange put most of the rumors to rest this past Sunday as he stated that most of the references to UFOs in the upcoming cables are small references in passing and that the majority of the cables regarding UFOs are focused on UFO cults around the world. Mainly the infamous Raelian cult. If you have never heard of them, I suggest reading their manifesto, it’s…interesting to say the least.

So if you were expecting some major UFO gossip, or possibly were preparing to get the coordinates to underground UFO labs around the U.S. deserts, then you will be disappointed. UFO cults are on the rise and can be quite harmful (like any other cult). Remember ‘Heaven’s gate‘ ?

I’ve been looking out for possible cable leaks for the past month or so and have not come across any legitimate information. Most websites claim to have ‘secret inside knowledge’ on the UFO cables but as it turns out, they just wanted page views on their website. False claims are everywhere.

So here to settle the matter once and for all (maybe) is the first of the “Live People’s Conference” in which Assange is asked about UFOs from the public. Skip to the 5:40 mark: