Nazi Hollow Earth Map

Nazi Hollow Earth Map

USAHitman has posted maps made by Third Reich “explorers” that locate the passage into the Hollow Earth, and show the oceans and land masses within.

We’ve all heard tales of Nazis exploring the southern extremities of the globe and even setting up bases in Neuschwabenland. Some have also heard of Operation Highjump and Admiral Byrd’s altercation with entranched German forces that overpowered them with amazing flying craft. A video has recently surfaced which shows a 1944 map from the Third Reich detailing not only the direct passageway used by German U-boats to access this subterranean domain, but also a complete map of both hemispheres of the inner realm of Agharta! (Translation here)

Rodney Cluff on his website has a copy of a letter (with translation) supposedly sent from a Karl Unger that was aboard the U-boat 209 (commanded by Heinrich Brodda) saying that they had reached the inner earth and would not be coming back!

During WWII the deepest diving German Submarine could manage just about 850 feet, with a range of 385 miles while submerged and running on batteries. The shortest distance from open ocean to the geographic South Pole is about twice that range (presuming that there is a water route the entire way,) beneath a mile of ice so there is little chance of a German sub making that trip, and the depth of the Arctic Ocean at the North Pole is roughly four times what the best German sub was capable of withstanding. Of course if they went and stayed, they obviously took their sub with them, so we would not have an example of it to prove otherwise, would we?

Hitler was obsessed with mysticism and the unexplained, and many of his followers knew this. He was also known to “remove” people he felt did not follow him, or threatened his self-delusion. It is entirely possible that these documents are genuinely from that time, while also being purely manufactured by people interested only in preserving their own lives while feeding Hitler’s paranoid obsessions.

I will reserve being impressed until pictures arrive from inside.

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Henry Paterson