• Crowdsourcing Bigfoot

    Crowdsourcing Bigfoot2

    • January 31, 2013

    Crowdsourcing: Crowdsourcing is distributed problem solving. By distributing tasks to a large group of people, you are able to mine collective intelligence, assess quality and process work in parallel. No mine like the internet for collective intelligence, eh? Seti has done it… The Search for Extra-solar planets has done it with Planet Hunters Wikipedia runs

  • ‘Palmetto Monster’ Deconstructed

    ‘Palmetto Monster’ Deconstructed4

    • January 30, 2013

    Tim Fasano, the self styled Florida Skunk Ape hunter has a new toy in his arsenal, a Samsung HD video camcorder with 20x Optical Zoom. Fasano has decided that if he’s going to prove the existence of Skunk Apes, it’s imperative to have video equipment that will allow for the clearest images possible. Frankly, I

  • Planet Weird

    Planet Weird4

    • January 27, 2013

    What happens when you take your hobby and turn it into a near obsession with seeking out the bizarre and unexplained? Oh… I mean outside of Ghost Theory. What you get is Greg Newkirk’s Who Forted Yeah, we cover some of the same stuff, trade articles back and forth in the internet/couch potato version of

  • Foxes Or Bigfoot? Strange Cries Keeping Residents Awake

    Foxes Or Bigfoot? Strange Cries Keeping Residents Awake2

    • January 26, 2013

    “It’s kind of spooky,” she said. “Some say it’s foxes, some say it’s a female coyote and some say it’s Sasquatch. I don’t know what it is.” The Oregonian newspaper posted an article about a series of strange howls that have been emanating from the murky swamps of the Umatilla Indian Reservation. Most of the

  • 1962 Bigfoot Video Surfaces, Predates Patterson-Gimlin Film

    1962 Bigfoot Video Surfaces, Predates Patterson-Gimlin Film4

    • January 24, 2013

    Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot aired a very interesting episode last week. The team recently traveled to Colorado to review a fifty year old film that supposedly shows the elusive creature. The grainy filmy predates the famous 1967 Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film by five years. Filmed by Gary Bouvier’s father, the film shows a large humanoid figure

  • Ski Yeti

    Ski Yeti2

    • January 24, 2013

    In the ongoing soap opera that the search for Bigfoot and it’s cousins has become, there is a new player in town. From Attractions Management New Yeti Resort proposed for popular Siberian skiing resort BY Jessica Tasman-Jones A resort and hotel encouraging tourists to discover the Abominable Snowman is reportedly being established in Siberia. The

  • Petition to Protect Bigfoot

    Petition to Protect Bigfoot7

    • January 13, 2013

    For anyone who would like to sign up you con go to Petitions.Whitehouse.Gov/petition/officially-recognize-sasquatch And this is all simply my opinion, but I hope it is not terribly uninformed, or ill conceived. Despite the fact that I contribute to a blog based in treating many issues of the unexplained with healthy skepticism (and at times outright

  • So, Did They Really Capture Bigfoot?

    So, Did They Really Capture Bigfoot?6

    • January 3, 2013

    So who is the Quantra Group? We know that a few days after the new year a leaked email message was sent to an ex-member of the Bigfoot hunting group, Ed Smith. From what we know, this was an accidental leak. The message contained the phrase “Daisy is in the box”. Which according to Smith

  • Bigfoot, Back And Forth

    Bigfoot, Back And Forth1

    • December 27, 2012

    I hope all have had a happy holiday and eaten their fill. For those who have not been following the continuing soap opera that is the bigfoot DNA story here is an an update. Perhaps coming as a surprise to no one, and despite Justin Smeja’s boasts and protestations that he is an expert bear

  • Dr. Melba Ketchum Discusses ‘Bigfoot DNA’.

    Dr. Melba Ketchum Discusses ‘Bigfoot DNA’.8

    • December 24, 2012

    Listen in to the Coast To Coast AM broadcast of Dr. Ketchum’s interview about the alleged Bigfoot DNA that exists. Dr. Ketchum explains the technicalities and issues faced when analyzing such evidence. From the technical difficulties to human greed, Dr. Ketchum’s interview by George Knapp was interesting to say the least. Full source: Coast To

  • Survivorman Bigfoot?

    Survivorman Bigfoot?5

    • December 17, 2012

    Last month on The Joe Rogan Experience, Survivor expert Les Stroud talked about his two experiences with what he believed to be a Bigfoot in remote areas around the world. First in the Australian outback and then in Alaska, Les gave a detailed account as to what he witnessed while being asked about Bigfoot. According

  • Another Dead Bigfoot

    Another Dead Bigfoot4

    • December 14, 2012

    2012 seems to be the year of the Bigfoot. This is a follow-up to a story I found fairly recently and personally had strong doubts about, the video of a bigfoot taken from inside a tent. All doubts aside, if the current story is true You can find that story here and see the video


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