• Strange Anomaly On The Moon11

    • December 10, 2011

    While at the MUFON reporting database yesterday I happened upon this strange video. What it depicts is the surface of the moon taken through a telescope. As the telescope scans the barron landscape we suddenly see something that doesn’t look quite right. I can only describe it as I saw it but I’ll save my

  • NASA Video Captures What Looks Like A ‘Cloaked Spaceship’

    NASA Video Captures What Looks Like A ‘Cloaked Spaceship’16

    • December 7, 2011

    Yes, the weird news never stop. A recent NASA video which was recorded by NASA’s STEREO A satellite seems to show a strange anomaly near the planet Mercury. NASA’s satellite was recording our Sun’s coronal mass ejection (CME) and unknowingly captured what appears to be a large invisible object near Mercury. As the flare from

  • SETI Resumes. Focuses On Kepler-22b For Aliens

    SETI Resumes. Focuses On Kepler-22b For Aliens4

    • December 6, 2011

      Kepler-22b. That’s the name of the exoplanet that NASA’s Kepler spacecraft has discovered. What’s so fascinating about this exoplanet is that like our Earth, Kepler-22b orbits in a similar solar system as ours and is believed to hold liquid water. What’s more, scientists believe that the overall temperate on Kepler-22b is a comfortable 72

  • CNN – ABC News in Phoenix Reporting UFOs

    CNN – ABC News in Phoenix Reporting UFOs26

    • September 15, 2011

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but it seems to me that UFO activity has become more and more intense the past few months. So much so that what was scoffed at in years past is now receiving mainstream news coverage on almost a regular basis. It would seem as more and more

  • New UFO Reminiscent of STS-75 Tether Incident

    New UFO Reminiscent of STS-75 Tether Incident7

    • August 30, 2011

    Here we go again with another UFO in China. The reason I focus more on these than the domestic UFOs is because the Chinese incidents tend to be more elaborate, at least in the recent past that is. We have a regular (Nobbles) on GT that often jokes about UFOs being Chinese Lanterns. Ironically it

  • Associates of NASA Warn of Alien Attack Scenario

    Associates of NASA Warn of Alien Attack Scenario28

    • August 19, 2011

    Tell me if this isn’t a little strange. NASA via associates at Pennsylvania State University have compiled a list of possible “contact” scenarios. The most compelling of which involves aliens attacking us because we are out of control. This report named “Would Contact with Extraterrestrials Benefit or Harm Humanity? A Scenario Analysis” was compiled to

  • Genesis Crash Video – Thank You to the Readers for the Reminder

    Genesis Crash Video – Thank You to the Readers for the Reminder21

    • August 6, 2011

    With ever changing technology it’s becoming more and more difficult to know what’s real and what’s computer generated. In the past 2 weeks I’ve let several UFO subjects go by (including the pinwheel UFO) because they just seemed either too good to be true or blatant CGI. Now comes this video of what appears to

  • 1950 Crash Could Rival Roswell (Video)11

    • April 21, 2011

    On the morning of December 6th, 1950 President Truman received a call from the Pentagon. The early warning radar system in Canada was tracking a formation of UFOs. The President immediately put defense and intercept forces on red alert. As an hour or two ticked off the clock nothing else of importance came in from

  • NASA Anomalies Caught On Film7

    • December 2, 2010

    As NASA gets ready to hold a press conference about the new life form found (hint: It’s here on earth), I figured I would post a nice compilation of ‘alien anomalies’ that were caught on several space missions. You know…as a homage of some sort. In these two videos, we can appreciate the work that

  • NASA Announcement Leaked Early4

    • December 2, 2010

    Not sure how real this is, but most likely this is correct. A new form of bacteria found HERE ON EARTH has a complete and different building block than any other living thing we know of. The discovery suggest that life on other planets close to ours is possible. We’ve just been looking for only

  • NASA: Finding “will impact the search for evidence of extraterrestrial life”14

    • December 1, 2010

    NASA will hold a live teleconference tomorrow, December 2nd 2010, in which representatives will “discuss an astrobiology finding that will impact the search for evidence of extraterrestrial life”. Rumors are already circling the web. From alien life forms to plants and micro-organisms. Has NASA found life on other planets? Possibly in Titan? Watch it all


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