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Photo of World’s Largest Mushroom: Debunked

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Hi everybody. I just came across a really interesting skeptical website named Waffles at Noon. There, I found an interesting piece on a step-by-step debunking of a photo that has long circulated on the internet …

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Alexandria Hotel – Haunted Los Angeles

Submitted by on April 15, 2008 – 5:04 AM89 Comments | 17,754 views


The Alexandria hotel is situated in downtown Los Angeles. Opened in 1906, it was one of the most socially active restaurant and hotel in it’s time.
Serving the hollywood, political and social elite like Winston Churchill, Enrico Caruso, King Edward VIII and American presidents like Taft, Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt. Charlie Chaplin used to frequent the spot as well. After a few decades from it’s opening day, the Alexandria became a more desolate building.
Construction and expansion of the city was moving westward. Textile companies flourished in the city and little by little the nightlife and cultural mecca that was known to have existed in downtown slowly gave way to factories and runaways. It was evident that downtown Los Angeles started to become a wasteland. 102 years into the future, the Alexandria hotel is slowly rising from the ashes. Now, the downstairs has become a comedy club and bar, while the upstair units have been turned into lofts. Needless to say with all it’s history, the reconstruction and remodeling of the building has invited new activity to the building; but not of the social or political elite, more like poltergeist activity.

I was able to get a first hand report from one of the building’s tenants. They describe in a chilling inside as to the feeling inside the building and strange apparitions going on. What follows is a first hand account of the ghostly activity that goes on.

…I have been living here for a while now and always sensed and felt a weird vibe in this bulding . It’s hard to explian but things just didn’t seem right here. This building has alot of definite negative energy as well as a long and vicious and troubled past . I looked it up and found out some pretty unsettling things that have happened here . So it is easy to see why extra spirts and guest would be hanging around. Alot of the rooms have been converted to lofts and apartment units. I currently reside in a unit which has since been converted to a small studio apartment . But before it was a unit occupied by James Cagney the actor … There are alot of units here converted that once belonged to actors and actress of the early days.

From what I have learned and know this was where the elite of the elite came back in the day to entertain and hang out so to speak. When I first moved here in early 2005 I had alot of weird and un explianable things that happened in my unit and throughout the building. I always wrote it off to an over active imagination and my mind playing tricks on me because of me learning the history of the bulding. But some things that have happened I have yet to find and anwser to or explian. I stll have a hard time sleeping at night and at times I feel like there is someone unseen to me still hanging around in my unit. I can just sense someone here. There was another time a while ago when I first moved in. Me and a good friend who didn’t like the idea I was staying here was checking out the ballrooms and other places in the building I had heard of. We went to a few since there are more than one in here. And I was totally mesmerized with the beauty of some of them. It was when we went to the ball room on the second floor something weird happened. I was walking through just checking it out with my friend we must have been in there about five or ten minutes. When I noticed my friend takeing off out the door and around the corner. I didn’t know who or what he was after but I do know what ever he thought he saw shook him up pretty bad. I asked him what he had saw and he swore up and down he saw a women in a 20′s type like dress standing there watching us and then when he went toward her she walked down the hallway around the corner and disappered. He said he called after her but she just kept walking. I never seen my friend look that shaken before to this day he won’t go near that ball room or in this bulding unless I am with him . The elevators in the building is another interesting story. The elevators have always been every since I have lived here rumored to be haunted. And ,sometimes whatever enity or spirts likes to ride to the ballroom on the third floor. I have been on there on more than one occasion trying to get to my floor. and without notice and out of no where the elevator will just go to that floor open and sit there like it is waiting on something or someone to get on. Sometimes it will just sit and sometimes it will open and shut and continue on it’s way to whatever floor you have chosen to get off on. It also likes to go to the legendary 9th floor which everyone that has ever lived here knows is haunted .It is titled the ghost wing and had that name way before I ever moved in here.Part of the nineth floor has been sealed off and noone can access it. For obivious reasons no one brings it up and talks about it because of all the weird and unexplianable things that people witnessed and happened when the wing was open.
I have heard alot of different stories but the wing is defitnley sealed off for a reason. There’s Rudolph Valentinos old unit which to this day is rumored to be haunted and alot of weird things to have happen in there. I have never been inside but a friend who lived across the hallway said he heard and expierienced alot of weird things living across the way from that unit and room. There’s also a weird vibe you get when you are up there. And, last but not least There’s the tunnels and dugeon underneath the bulding and the bar room which has since been turned into a comedy club. Those two places are defitnley, defitnley haunted you can just feel something there. And ,I never go into either for any reason or alone. I could go on all day about all the weird vibes and energys in the bulding I have expieriencd since living here

As the downtown Los Angeles renaissance continues, there is a feeling that Los Angles’ old phantom tenants are being displaced. Buildings and locations that have been condemned for nearly a century are now being inhabited. Ghosts, hauntings and such reports are on the rise in downtown Los Angeles.

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I'm a writer, a runner, and a hell of a coffee drinker residing in Los Angeles. I'm currently working on a book about Doris Bither and her terrifying account of a haunting in Culver City, California. The case was dubbed "The Entity" and it stands to be one of the most controversial cases ever to be studied by parapsychologists.

  • Mike

    I worked on the new construction ,as we were working I would always feel someone behiend me watching……one day they where fiming something in the parking garage……and iwent down there and the film crew left al thier camras and lights……and left in a hurry…..the next day they came to get thier stuff, and sent me a pic on my phone of a lady dressed in white in clothes from the 20 s hair up in a bun. Bending down like she was reaching for somthing…i kept the pic for months til a friend convinced me to get rid of it.also I could see boxes on the floor right through the ghost lady

  • Judy Manis

    My Husband’s Grand-father was a Taylor and owned a Taylor Business in the Alexandera Hotel. His name was Leon Manis. He made a lot of the clothes,(Dress Suites, etc) for the LA Angels Baseball Team in the 1930′s and 1940′s. Is there some way I could get pictures of some of the business’s in the Hotel? Maybe there is a Business Sign with his name, or his name painted on a window. I think this would be a nice piece of History for our children and grandchildren.

    Thank you
    Judy Manis

  • Brattyshewolf

    My imaginatiOn ??.. I resently mOved in2 the AleXandria. Starting Off On my 1st night arOund 2am, i was awOken by a very LOUD banging. The banging cOmez frOm inside Of the wallz, arOund the same time every night, 4 a mOnth & a half with-Out a hitch. It’z sO lOud, that it allwayz wakez me up.
    I tOld my neighbOr, & he laughed like i was jOking arOund. So i had him cOme Over & eXperience it 4 himself. He recOrded it On hiz phOne 2 nightz in a rOw. After a mOnth & a half Of this crazy lOud banging, i wOken up pissed, & said, ” this banging is’NT scaring me, because i’m used 2 it !!” I swear after that night, it stOpped, WTF ??… Sometimez it still happenz, but NO-where az lOud.
    Now rOund 2, the wierdest wierdest thing happened…
    Ok, let me eXplain sOmething abOut my apartment set-up 1st. My windOwz face the inside Of the building, NOT the street side. When i look Out my windOw, i see accrOss 2 Other nieghbOrz windOwz & the inner wallz Of the building. So it kind Of makez it hard 4 windz 2 cOme in…
    K, sOmebOdy came knOckin On my door. I went 2 gO answer it, Out Of nO-where, a really CREEPY, STRONG, HOWLING, whirl-wind endvelOped me & my apartment. I cOuld’NT hardly walk Over 2 answer the door. I get 2 the door 2 Open it, & the wind fOrce was sO pOwerful i cOuld NOT get it Open. I’m getting creeped-Out right nOw jus thinking abOut the eXperience. The dude On the Other-side Of my door was like, “Open the door !”.. I still cOuld’NT get it Open, like there was a fOrce. Then az fast az that wind suddenly came, it dissappeared. Then i gOt the door 2 finally Open.
    I’ve lived back east & the mid-west, sO i have been in hurricanez, seen tOrnadOez. I have NEVER eXperienced such a wierd wind INSIDE my hOme like that ever !! There’z prObly sOme “freak scientific wind” eXplanatiOn, & an “Old pipez” eXplanatiOn, but i dunnO ?…
    I’m trying 2 look at this stuff RATIONALLY, but my apartment seemz 2 b “TESTING ME”. BTW ?.. az i type this my wallz are banging On & Off all night lOng, just enOugh 2 mess with me.
    I’m NOTT even gOnna get in2 the dark figure i seen by my elevatOr at 2am, Or abOut the lady that died in my place right b4 i mOved-in (just fOund-Out, eww) hahaha, BOO !!

  • Mica

    I would like to say that I do think that there are “spirits” from the past that are there at the Alexandria. Yes, i had an encounter. I was not alone. It was not scary I was not frightened. From the stories I have read my encounter is unlike the others. I remember the date because it was my nieces birthday May11th. Her loft is on the 11th floor. The hotel has long hallways on three sides. Two sides have apartments (lofts) and the one wall has very large windows in between walls. You must walk this direction to get to the elevator or the stairs. I would say that the wall with the windows was maybe 10 feet tall and the windows were spaced 6 feet apart. There is a window at the end of the hall in the corner almost the height of the wall and about 4-5 feet wide. And it was wide open. My nieces loft is at the end of the hallway so we had to walk directly toward that window and turn left to go to the elevator. The time is around 11pm. We leave her loft. The hallway is pretty well lit but there’s a little shadowy area 3/4 of the way where the stairway is on the left. The three of us are happy it’s my nieces birthday and my sister and I, we three are going out, we are at 5th and Spring the city waits. As we walk by the stairway rail I notice a man kinda small facing the direction of the window, he has a hat on like the kind they would wear back in the 30′s maybe and he’s posed down on one knee with his arm on the other bended knee. He doesn’t look at us at all but he says “A woman jumped out the window” I said “What?” and he says it again “A woman jumped out the window” so the three of us go over to the window and look out. But we don’t see ambulances or anything. All we see is the dark night. I saw a park bench with some trees in shadow from the street lights and no one at all. My sister is not one to get involved in domestic issues and didn’t know what to make of “The Man”. But we just went on our way and really didn’t give it much more thought. Why I am not sure. If someone said to you what that man said to us you might be likely to call the police, maybe. But we didn’t feel like we need to call the police right now, you know? But to finish my story the next day we were leaving the building to go out to the city again and I went over and looked out that window and you know what I saw? What I expected to see was the little park bench with the trees behind it. What I saw instead was the roof tops of buildings with air-conditioning units. That space was now occupied by three buildings. I researched the history of the Alexandria hotel back from the beginning of it’s opening for any events on May11. In the years 1913 and 1915 if I remember correctly they were some gala openings parties and some other large event. I even looked up any suicides. But found nothing. But I only looked for May11th. Why did “The Man” tell US? He was sad. But his voice was very clear when he said “A woman jumped out the window” that’s my story. It is true.

  • Rachel Violins

    I had a very scary experience once in the early 80′s. It may have been 1981, my friend Michael called me from a payphone, he said he rented a room at the Alexandria Hotel and gave me the room number. I was to pick him up for a night out on the town. I vaguely remember parking and walking into the building, but I remember riding the elevator I don’t recall what floor it was, but as I got off the elevator I felt like something was following me. I was alone it was very alarming, when I got to the room number, I knocked and hear voices..I being a female kept looking behind me and side to side.The carpet was a vibrant red with old fashioned beige swirls and black paisely whirls that began to make me feel dizzy and I got a weird flash of a blond women running toward me. She was dressed in a black tight cocktail dress, attire of the early 40′s. then she disappeared.Then murder came to my mind..I became frantic! All this happened as I pounded on the hotel room door and yelled out Michael open the door! The sounds from this room got louder like grunts so I took off running back the way I got there. I ran to the elevator, and it seemed that the hallway had gotten longer, I pushed to button and the elevator opened quickly as if was waiting for me..I got so spooked. I walked through the lobby and noone was around Broadway was empty. I drove home and the phone rang, it was Michael. He wanted to know if I was going or not because it was getting late..We were suppose to go to Hollywood ! I explained to him what happened and repeated his floor and room number, I said yeah I was there pounding on the door, and he said,” I heard nothing, was reading waiting for you”..Very creepy..

  • lecara

    Yes, a beautiful hotel where beautiful people may have once stayed, and where more than one person has a paranormal experience..My experience was very scary.. 

  • lecara

    Ok I just wrote about the experience I had but it was not posted..I will write it again the first time was better..My friend Michael stood there at the Alexandria in 1981 for the weekend, I went to pick him up for a night out on the town I don’t recall what room or floor, but I was spooked by a weird feeling someone behind me, but I was alone. I got dizzy looking at the deco red carpet..Saw a lady with blond hair  running toward me,never did she reach me..she vanished into thin air, she was scared herself as though being chased..As I knocked on the hotel room door I heard voices, then grunts, a gust of wind blow..the voices became louder..Michael didn’t open his door and I was dying inside of fear so I ran toward the elevator..the hall way seemed like it got longer and the elevator farther..Then it opened as though it was waiting for me to get in..I reached the lobby, but noone was around it was about 9.p.m..I actually don’t remember driving back home, but do remember the phone ringing,when I got home, it was Michael. He wanted to know what was taking me so long, I told him what happened and he repeated the room and floor number..I had it right, I said,’ I was banging on your door’, he said he didn’t hear me “I ‘ve been reading waiting for you to knock..

  • [email protected]

    The Alexandria Hotel IS haunted. I myself know of several people that have died in that hotel, some were of drug overdoses and some were just plain killings (drugs involved of course). I used to frequent the Alexandria Hotel back in the 80′s, and after everything I have seen/experienced first hand is not a pleasant one. So yeah if you see ghosts or you experience something strange it’s the HUNDREDS of people who have died violent deaths. Lot’s of people have jumped out their windows to their deaths, some were pushed etc….Don’t let the spirits scare you, instead just accept them because they are not going anywhere. STAY AWAY FROM THE 9TH FLOOR! Break out the Ouija board and talk to some spirits, if you have the courage to do so.

  • Peter Grenader

    I live right around the corner, the Alessandria is charged.  Especially the mesinine. The whole area has activity.  My building is off the map.  I ve documented it at ear-group dot net slash ghostly dot  html . photos, moves,  EVPs – one with my name in it.

    More on the comment below from noneyabuse… in 2011, 12 people jumped to their death on this block.., the same block the Aleesandria is on. Only one had accounts from witnesses of being an accident. Young people – responsible/nature enough to be qualified by leasing agents. Why would responsible ppl do this? Ive seen stoned before… never tempted to jump out a window.

    Ghost Adventures went to The Pico Hotel. They mention the tunnel system. My building and the open next door are also connected to the same system. The building next door is worse than mine. But over all these, the Alexandria is known as the hottest spot.

  • Miakity33

    Considering I am sensitive to such events.  I suggest not pulling out the Ouija as it can generate something you might not want.  Its the bearer of negative spiritual experiences.  The negative spirits are just waiting to be heard and possibly become a guest.  BE CAREFUL with what you use.  Seriously.  The best one can do is have your apartment cleansed by a professional.  

  • Julie Ann Paige

    I live there it is definitely haunted I believe my unit is occupied by 3 spirits 2 males and a female I believe was murdered in the shower. Yesterday a guy commited suicide from the 4th floor landing on spring so I am sure his spirit now haunts here.

  • Julie Ann Paige

    its a hot bed I went on the 9th floor after living here a few months and reading about how they had the 9th floor bricked off for decades without any explanations why until the new owners bought it and converted it. I stepped off the elevator and a freezing cold wind has strong as anything I felt was fighting to keep me in the elevator when I stepped off the wind through me back about 4 feet onto the wall I crawled to the stairs and halfway down the wind stopped this was around 220 am at 3am I hesitantly went back up there and looked around there was no winds outside at all and all of the windows were closed. I felt like a lot of people may have died on that floor in some tragic way and that’s why it was bricked off so long they have been unleashed now

  • visionary artist

    All these experiences are quite intriguing. I have visited the Alexandria in the 90′s – Valentino’s penthouse to be exact. It was squatted by a group of artist. They did relate some ghost activity which I found amusing, because I didn’t feel anything at all (I’m quite sensitive to energy). I do recall that as I walked into the building late one night, i had a feeling of dejavu as if I had been there before probably in the 20′s. It was an interesting sensation – a pleasant sense nostalgia – like a warm sense of content. I did experience the elevator stopping, but that energy wasn’t malevolent. It left me curious. Of course, I protect always myself from unwanted energies so they will not invade by aura or body. Perhaps, this experience was just so different than everyone’s because I was dating an artist that lived in the building who I felt deep love for. I plan to move there in the coming month – sending all of you protective positive energy.

  • lala

    Omg! That’s very interesting you should really contactghost adventure they are the best. And yes downtown L.A is very historical.

  • Thraceguy

    I worked across the street when brokerages were all up and down Spring Street and the Pacific Coast Stock Exchange was still in business. The Alexander was our place to go and meet. They had rebuilt it in the 1960′s and brought back its charm. At the time, the annex remained closed and legends of haunting were reported in the papers, but it was just a closed building left over from the Depression for those of us sipping our martini and eating lunch in the dining room with a great Tiffany like glass dome. Tom Mix is said to have ridden his horse in the Lobby during the 20′s, we talked about that more than ghosts. Glad to see the hotel is still there. 510 South Spring was a great place to work and the Alex was a great spot to be…Glad people live downtown, they used to roll up the sidewalks at dusk back then, a huge waste.