Bob Davis, CEO of Planet Paranormal Broadcast Network and Planet Paranormal Investigations at claims he has proof recorded of Jackie. A child that had drowned in the 2nd class swimming pool, while aboard the Queen Mary.

You can hear the evidence at “”.

Bob claims this is the same voice that Peter James spoke to when he toured the Queen Mary before his passing. Although throughout the recording you can hear others that are most likely touring the Queen Mary speak, it gets me thinking that this could also be a tourist or child speaking while the investigation is conducted. It would be an insight to see if this was the same voice that Peter James had spoke to back when his investigation back in 1991.

Queen Mary Investigation

Although I have read that there has been and investigation that went on, comparing both voices since Peter James tour and Bob Davis’s recent recording, I have not yet found a definite answer that states both voices are a match.

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  • Zumi

    It would be most interesting to hear the results of the voice comparison. I love that you both keep your site updated frequently. I just recently found this site and have to say I visit as frequently as I can now. Keep up the good work!!!

    And just a note to Conspirama – I’m happy to see that you have the copy/paste method down, now if you could add some sense to that you’d be making some real progress!!

  • Zumi,

    Thank you for your comment and interest on our site. We try to give our readers a bit more of updated news and our own thoughts onto stories than most sites. We are working on some changes to the site and working on projects and we hope that our readers, as yourself will stay with us for those.

    Thanks again!!

  • Hi there is a slight correction. I did not say it is proof. I said it could be proof if the voices are found to match. Also, I did not write the press release. I just passed it on after seeing it. It was written by Gian Temperilli the co-author or the Peter James book “Heaven Can You Hear Me?”
    Stay tuned to see how this turns out. Bob Davis

  • Bob,

    Thanks for the update, glad you stopped by the site to correct the post.

    Has anyone been analyzing the recordings yet? After studying the recording that you have on tape, do you believe it is the same voice as Peter James was talking to? Great job and I hope to hear an update on this story, please keep us posted!

  • Hi Joe, yes we have had two preliminary test done on the audio. Todd Sheets had a sound guy he knows try to match the two recordings. He found it to be a 7.8 out of 10. They convict people on a 6.5 or higher. I had a second person do an analysis and his match was a 8.4 out of the 10 possible. This is very encouraging but I want people from outside the field to do the testing. I have spoken to professional forensic audio analysts and they require about $3000.00 to do the tests. I am trying to raise the funds to have the test done by professionals outside the paranormal field. The person we had in the FBI flaked on us. I am still talking ti someone in the military. I am willing to let anyone look at this and analyze it. Thanks for the support on this. I truly am passionate about getting this done and out to the public. They can decide. I will keep you updated. Oh and if anyone want to hear the audio you can click on my rpofile name and go to our site. It is on the evidence page with other Jackie clips.


  • Angela

    I think this was done on August 5th 1991…..18 Years ago

  • Angela

    Jackie’s parents are both have been reincarnated So, They are now back In life, and I’ve had a few encounters with Jackie the few times That I have visited the RMS Queen Mary but Know this that there’s new hauntings going on onboard the ship these days modern spirits are being reported

  • Olivia

    Jackie has been very interesting. I’ve spend a good 5 hours today just searching research on her. It would be amazing to be able to contact her.

  • bellaboo

    It would be amazing to be able to contact her.

    it would be amazing to actually contact anyone who is dead.

    so far, not so good.

  • Purushotham

    @ Angela

    How do you know that Jackie’s parents have reincarnated? DO you have any legitimate evidence to substantiate your claim?!

  • fishnerd01

    Posted this question in the forum but not sure it posted. It would be quite easy to just have a small kid in the corner speaking, or speakers set up. The room has so much echo it would make it seem quite real. The acoustics did seem a bit weird though, like the voice was moving — which multiple speakers would mimic. I mean Haunted Mansion at Disneyland does that. Kind of creepy though. They should keep it even if it is fake.

  • Bob Davis

    Here is a bit of data to help back up that this is not a person or a microphone. Human speech is formed at approximately 350hz as you can see from the waveform of my voice. Notice the waveform is virtually flat in the places Jackie speaks. You can easily download the audio of one of the many recordings that are online from planet paranormal’s youtube page or and look at it on your own editing software. Now how do you explain that away as a human playing a trick? A little food for thought.