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  • Ghost story leads to mass grave1

    “This is a mass grave,” Bill Watson said as he led the way through the thick Pennsylvania woods in a suburb about 30 miles from Philadelphia. “Duffy’s Cut,” as it’s now called, is a short walk from a suburban cul-de-sac in Malvern, an affluent town off the fabled Main Line. Twin brothers Bill and Frank

  • When ghosts and monsters are attacked1

    Many of you would know what to expect when visiting a theme park, maze or haunted house attractions during “Halloween”. I have gone many of times to Knott’s scary farm or the Queen Mary during Halloween to get a scare and view the layout and decorations. All these attractions have their own actors dressed up

  • Jenna Bush confirms ghosts at presidential home on Jay Leno show4

    Many have wondered if the stories and tales that haunt the White House were true. Is there really ghosts roaming the presidential house ? Jenna Bush claims there is some paranormal activity at the White House. Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill are said to have been seen roaming around the White House after their deaths.

  • Happy Halloween!0

    GhostTheory’s Javier, Joe and Gary want to wish all our readers a Happy Halloween to you and your family! As for me I’ll be dressing up my little guy tonight and showing him some creepy costume’s that swing by, I HOPE! We welcome our readers to submit any photos of their younger ones on our


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