Chip Coffey gets airtime for ‘Psychic Kids’ on Tyra show

Back in November we posted a letter from an ex client of the Paranormal State that was posted on the “EYE ON THE PARANORMAL”. Now we get another bite of some tasteless advertisement exploiting kids and their so-called Psychic readings. To assist on exploiting the show (Psychic Kids) was Allison DeBios.

You might recognize her name from the show “Medium”. Some skeptics such as Dr. Paul Kurtz and Dr. Ray Hyman say that DuBois does not have psychic powers. You can read more on Allison DeBios at Two Percent Company

This afternoon I walked into my apartment and was notified from a reader that Tyra Banks was actually entertaining this series on her show! I sat there and could not believe that this was taken so seriously. Although I caught the show at the final moments, I sat there trying to understand how one child was trying to explain why she had written down the number “three” on her notepad. As we said in previous posts here at GhostTheory, we believe that this show exploits these children and ridicules them nationwide for Chips own profit. Now I see that Allison DeBios has joined to assist Chip Coffey. The Amateur Scientist has written an excellent post about Chip Coffey and his shenanigans. The only vision I personally believe that these two see is their bank accounts growing.

Prior to the show they claim that there was some paranormal activity backstage and that one of the kids, ReAnna, claimed to see a spirit sneaking around the wardrobe area. Allison did go ahead and start answering questions from members of the audience, who decided to participate. From what I heard on the show, Allison had a one on one talk to the children on how to improve their abilities. I wonder, has anyone talked to these children and explained to them the emotional and mental harms.

I wrote this article because i’m really interested in your thoughts on this subject. Now that Psychic Kids exposed themselves on national television, I thought it would be a great opportunity to hear some more thoughts and I hope that some of our readers caught the show this afternoon.

Joe Ruiz