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In Chile, a woman named Cecilia Muñoz went on a ghost hunting expedition to a building that is notorious for reports of a ghost of a little girl that is said haunts the basement level of the building.

Cecilia and her mother decided to make a visit and do some amateur ghost hunting of their own. Given that there was no real activity captured the first few hours, her mother suggested that she go down to the basement with a group of children. The mother theorized that if there was a ghost of a young girl, then the ghost would feel more comfortable around children and possibly make an appearance.

What follows next is a video that shows three young men and a young girl being recorded throughout a basement. In a split second on the film, it’s claimed that the ghost of the girl makes her appearance.
Not being really clear, you can see what they are talking about.

In this frame, you see one of the young men walking, right to his side you see what appears to be a little girl wearing a dress. You can see her wearing black shoes and white socks.

According to the witnesses, she was not accounted for in the group. The only other female in between the young men was not wearing a dress at that time.

Here is a brief translation of what is being said in the video:

Editor’s note: Translation mine

Cecilia: One day we were sitting here in the house, doing some sketches and we decided to take a camera to the place to see what happened.

Male reporter: The group decided to record in the most solitary place of the building. The basement.

Cecilia: Because it’s said that a little girl haunts the place. The security guards all have said to seen her while making their routine runs.

Cecilia’s Mother: We would usually go by ourselves to record in this basement. We would take two cameras. One was left on one end of the hall, the other, on the other side. We never captured anything for awhile. This day, when she (Cecilia) went to drop off a friend, told me that she was gonna take advantage of being around the building and record for a bit. It occurred to me to tell her to go down, but with some kids. If there is a ghost girl around, then the fact that there are kids near by, she might make an appearance.

Cecilia: I got the camera, started walking around with NightShot. I was just walking around and recording. Holding on to one of the young man’s arm. Just walking and recording. We didn’t see anything. Once I got in the car with my sister, I asked her to review the tape. She then says: “Tati (nickname) I see something, I see something!” and then the battery dies. So we get home and I shout Mom! Mom! we got something. We plugged it up to the TV and there we saw it.

Male reporter: Astonished, Cecilia reviewed the scene over and over. Behind 2 of the minors that were investigating the basement, there is an faint apparition of a girl that no one had seen in that moment.

Cecilia: You can tell that she is taking some footsteps. There is a hand that you can make out here. She takes a few steps and you can see that she is carrying a shoe or a sweater on her arm.

Young man: I was walking this way, and then you can see her appear behind him. It appears near that wall.

Young girl: The little girl was dressed in white and had on a sweater.

I can see what they are talking about. In the video you can clearly see in a split second a clear image of a what appears to be the image of a little girl. Now the question is, is she a ghost?

  • Peter Ross

    It’s very cute to read the messages from people who think this is anything but a hoax. Until I realized that these people weren’t 9 and 10 year olds on a sleep-over but adults. Now that’s scary.
    How gullible do you people have to be to swallow this tripe anyway?
    Clearly this “evidence” is as a result of a faulty IR camera, NOT, because it “caught” a ghost.
    If ghosts were real, they have no substance, and therefore, NO way to reflect light for a camera to pick up on.
    Honestly, the fact that some of you are allowed to vote and drive cars frightens me like NO ghost story ever could!

  • redngreen

    Peter Ross, I actually like your comment about ghosts having no substance and no way to reflect light and cannot be photographed. Makes perfect sense.

    The rest of your comment I could do without. I had an unexplainable personal experience, and am open to the possibility of something being captured on film. So it scares you that I’m allowed to vote or drive a car? Jeez.

  • GEMM


  • Carlos Merck


    Some people in this world have to face things that are not supposed to happen, or even exist, but yet they have to face what reality is given to them.

    Since my childhood I would hear voices, sometimes I would see something, at that time in the 80’s I used to think these things were natural, it didn’t get any better when I became a teenager, voices all the time, it was like someone was most of the time (not all the time) talking to me when I was thinking of something, I used to get answers, etc. As a grew up I went to technician school (data processing) and then college (dentistry) and things were always the same.

    Now I could just be psychotic, what the matter ? After all it’s a health issue like any other, but the voices sometimes would tell things that had no explanation, I’ll give one example of many others I have: I was driving my car one day and looking forward the lights were red, and then they turned to green (meaning I could cross the street), a voice told me “don’t pass that signal, you’ll suffer an accident”, surely I would not believe the voice because most of the voices always used to say stupid things (disturbing things etc), so when it was something good, I used not to give any attention. Passing the green lights a car crashed on me.

    It turns out that I had a long time depression (since children) and I tried many antidepressants that would not work for almost 10 years, until they find out I had bipolar depression and needed mood stabilizers, so if you make a research on the internet there is at most 2 drugs that are approved to treat this problem, one is SEROQUEL which is an antipsychotic but also used for bipolar depression (bipolar type II), and has others uses too besides psychosis, and it is one of the newest (and most expensive) drugs I ever seem, not to mention it’s probably one of the most efficient too. It would cost some U$1,000 a month but the Brazilian health care gave it to me for free for all the time I needed it, I took the max dosage: 600mg for a year. In this time, I continued to hear and see spirits (we don’t say ghosts here mostly), so the psychosis theory was really out. Now I don’t take any medications anymore (very glad of it).

    I remember when I was like 20 years old I went to a spiritist center where I talked to an elder woman who was in charge of the place, she told me “mediumship [been able to interact with the ‘other side’] is not easy, how was I supposed to wake my husband in the edge of the night and tell him there was a spirit sitting on the bed ?” I should have heard her. The spiritism in a French religion with 150 years and common in Brazil, it’s based on science and religion (see look for the spirit’s book question numer #1 and forward).

    Some 10 years later things got a bir harder, I was 30 now and started to see spirits more often, as if hearing wasn’t disturbing enough, I was married and one day I woke up in the middle of the night and saw an old woman sitting on the bed, she was not looking at me, she used a simple dress and I thought “damm I must be seeing things” I closed my eyes for a second and looked again, what happened is that she looked back to me, turning his face in my direction, like if saying “hey I’m real”, it was not scary as it sounds, but I refused to any interaction with “her”, I closed my eyes again and prayed to God to take her away, that I could not help her if that was the case, and it worked. This made me remember what I wasl told in the last paragrapher from 10 years early. Just one thing: for some reason, this was the first and only spirit I saw who had colors, all the others were plain white.

    But I made a big mistake, I started telling my wife about those things and she was a protestant and would not accept those facts I had to face, had I heard what the elder woman told me at the spiritist center, things would be better, because what she was really saying was “we have to face those things on our own – don’t expect other will believe or accept that” and that is why she used not to tell her husband about those things. Clever.

    Definitely religion was one of the main (if not the biggest) reasons why we broke. Sometimes we still see each other and plain a new start, but she still doesn’t accept those things. Who could blame her ? Would I accept it from her in case it was the opposite ?

    So I don’t believe any one has to accept all I said here, not even my wife did, to others I’m just one more voice on the internet telling something strange, I do understand that, but for me it’s real and I will have to face it until I die (I think), and many other people around the world face the exact same dilemma.

    Best regards from Brazil,

  • torchkc

    I have to say that I agree with ‘chris higg’ on this one. The ‘white sweater’ that the ‘little girl’ is wearing simply looks like something the guy in the back is holding.

    I’d like to see a video clip of this showing the events both leading up to and away from this event. That would help clear up some of the questions.

  • Carl

    Pause it at 0:35 and look to the left of the door window.

  • darkus wallett

    Quite convincing footage.

    To the wag who says ghosts have no substance and therefore can’t reflect light, all I’ll say to that is he’s basing his theories on early 21st century science, which will undergo a lot of changes in the future, and explain the paranormal away as being perfectly “normal”.

  • I also have the same but a bit different. Once in my dream i dreamt that i felt that i was dead.and at nights i always try hard to sleep then too day i was awake my sister was sleeping and i heared a voice that something fell dwon from a high place and that disturbed me very much it happened automaticly.and the spirituall time for the ghost or demonic things is the time 3:00clock.thankyou dont worry

  • Dedmanmichael