Ghost girl appears in Chilean video


In Chile, a woman named Cecilia Muñoz went on a ghost hunting expedition to a building that is notorious for reports of a ghost of a little girl that is said haunts the basement level of the building.

Cecilia and her mother decided to make a visit and do some amateur ghost hunting of their own. Given that there was no real activity captured the first few hours, her mother suggested that she go down to the basement with a group of children. The mother theorized that if there was a ghost of a young girl, then the ghost would feel more comfortable around children and possibly make an appearance.

What follows next is a video that shows three young men and a young girl being recorded throughout a basement. In a split second on the film, it’s claimed that the ghost of the girl makes her appearance.
Not being really clear, you can see what they are talking about.

In this frame, you see one of the young men walking, right to his side you see what appears to be a little girl wearing a dress. You can see her wearing black shoes and white socks.

According to the witnesses, she was not accounted for in the group. The only other female in between the young men was not wearing a dress at that time.

Here is a brief translation of what is being said in the video:

Editor’s note: Translation mine

Cecilia: One day we were sitting here in the house, doing some sketches and we decided to take a camera to the place to see what happened.

Male reporter: The group decided to record in the most solitary place of the building. The basement.

Cecilia: Because it’s said that a little girl haunts the place. The security guards all have said to seen her while making their routine runs.

Cecilia’s Mother: We would usually go by ourselves to record in this basement. We would take two cameras. One was left on one end of the hall, the other, on the other side. We never captured anything for awhile. This day, when she (Cecilia) went to drop off a friend, told me that she was gonna take advantage of being around the building and record for a bit. It occurred to me to tell her to go down, but with some kids. If there is a ghost girl around, then the fact that there are kids near by, she might make an appearance.

Cecilia: I got the camera, started walking around with NightShot. I was just walking around and recording. Holding on to one of the young man’s arm. Just walking and recording. We didn’t see anything. Once I got in the car with my sister, I asked her to review the tape. She then says: “Tati (nickname) I see something, I see something!” and then the battery dies. So we get home and I shout Mom! Mom! we got something. We plugged it up to the TV and there we saw it.

Male reporter: Astonished, Cecilia reviewed the scene over and over. Behind 2 of the minors that were investigating the basement, there is an faint apparition of a girl that no one had seen in that moment.

Cecilia: You can tell that she is taking some footsteps. There is a hand that you can make out here. She takes a few steps and you can see that she is carrying a shoe or a sweater on her arm.

Young man: I was walking this way, and then you can see her appear behind him. It appears near that wall.

Young girl: The little girl was dressed in white and had on a sweater.

I can see what they are talking about. In the video you can clearly see in a split second a clear image of a what appears to be the image of a little girl. Now the question is, is she a ghost?