Doing some research I ran across the Waverly Hills Sanatorium. The history of this building is one sad and most eerie haunting’s that I have come across. So many stories arise from the history of this building and I’ve found so many photos and videos. Looking back at how many people that have died here from Tuberculosis, how could there not be any spirits around still with agonizing pain.
Let’s take a look into one picture that I personally found interesting to discuss.

This photo has claimed to capture a figure of a women standing along one of the room entrance’s on the forth floor, or is it?

Could this be another “Pareidolia effect”? I thought this photo would be a perfect example when back in may 2008 when Javier covered pareidolia. Take a closer look at this photo here. My personal perspective is that the image seems to be a typical illusion.

So many stories have been heard and many hauntings have been said to raise eyebrows. This floor is said to have the most hauntings and paranormal activity. The forth floor was where major surgeries were performed along with the recovery rooms. Located here was also a waiting room, one minor surgery/treatment room, solarium and patient rooms, one kitchenette, one dinette, and two nurses stations.

Other paranormal activity on this floor include apparitions shaped as humans otherwise known as “Shadow People”. Javier had posted and article based on shadow people where you can also find here.

I have to admit this is a creepy place to investigate. Here’s a video on a walkthrough of the sanatorium.

Many videos have popped up on youtube including the ghost hunters questionable evidence back in 2006.

What are your thoughts on this photo?

Updated photos


This photo below was said to be taken about the same time as the sepia photograph.


  • Gary P

    Personally, I couldn’t chalk this one up to pareidolia. Maybe double exposure, but certainly not pareidolia. The face of the lady is clear (and maybe too clear, hence the double exporsure), and the image is not interpretive. Even without noting that there is a lady in the photo, everyone will see the lady, where as with the pareidolia photo of the “canine” between the horse, peoples brains will have a hard time determining what that image really is.

    My second thought with that photo is: It shows a 2006 copyright, so why did missouri paranormal do this picture in sepia? The photo seems grainy (hence an actual film camera, but with photshop, who knows?), and you would think that if it was digital they would want to present the photo as is. Fishy…

  • Gary,

    Thanks for you comment. Could be possible it was double exposure. The team did also provide a negative strip that I can search for. There was also a photo taken not in sepia. I’ll search for these photos.

  • Gary P

    That would be great Joe!

    Reexamining the picture again you almost have to wonder if the picture could have been doctored in any fashion. Not that I am skeptical or a hater, but I keep coming back to look at the face in the photo. Start at the bottom of her, and you can clearly see two feet, which are very transparent looking (and you could actually say she is barefoot), and as you move up the body, she remains very transparent, and apparently armless. Look at her upper torso area, the transparency is diminished. But what still gets me about this picture is just how much detail you can make off of her head. You can make out that she is looking at the camera, you can make out the high points and shadows of her face, eyes, mouth, and you can cleanly see how the hair is covering over the ear, and most likely over the shoulder. If this was an actual shot I had, I would be sending this to a film and media professional to get it validated to counter against any tampering claims (like what I am doing), because this would be a priceless picture! If this picture is actual and untampered, I would say this is a beautiful catch and kudos to the shooter!

    As with any film or digital media out on the internet, I know I try to swallow anything with a grain of salt. Too many charlatans, hoaxters and tricksters, fakers and the like out there, which subsequently ruins it for just about anyone who has solid evidence and who is honestly trying to present it.

  • Gary,

    Yes I 100% agree with you. I’m still searching for the other photos but once I find them I’ll update the post with the additional photographs. To validate this would be my first priority after capturing this image. If you would like and email when I do update them please go ahead and email me with your email address.

  • Gary P,

    I would have to agree with you on this. The image looks too fake for my opinion.
    It is apparent how the features of the “ghost” stand out.

    The fact that the image was digitally processed to give it a different hue, speaks volumes. If this was evidence that the team captured, why change the colors on it?

    the only reason why I don’t think it can be a pareidolia trick, is because of the “body” o f the ghost. You can see the smooth curvature of the waistline, as if it was digitally created.

    The head and face is too clear compared to the rest of the body.

    Joe is looking to see if there was more images released on this. But so far, not very convincing.

  • Here are two more images. The bottom photo was said to be taken about the same time that the sepia photo was being taken.

  • andrewkeeler

    The Negatives a composite image. Its a FAKE It quite easy to tell as well if u look at the surrounding image. Look at for example the jet black image around it and you will notice under zoom how the 12 and other characters look almost blurry and have odd discoloring. That is called artifacts and you get them from a second rate scanner. yet the image is flawless almost as if the two have diffrent scanning resolutions or are 2 diffrent images. Plus there is absolutely no discoloring on the main image its obviously a complete fraud. Ask any photography major or photographer and he will tell u the same thing. Sorry I wish it was legit but if hes gonna fake negatives hes gonna fake everything.

  • fake.

  • torchkc

    Other observations about the image aside, this is what’s throwing me off about the image..

    The top half and bottom half of the figure don’t seem to match. The top half looks like it’s leaning against a wall casually, while the bottom half looks like it’s walking. On top of that, it looks to me like it’s suppose to be leaning against the part of the wall right between two doors.

    The legs are positioned in a way that suggests walking; I do a lot of character animation, and see this a lot. You can see the heel of, what looks to be, the right leg is lifted slightly off the ground and the leg has a forward motion with the knee lifting slightly. The left leg is almost straight with a slight bend in the knee, roughly 1 shoulder width ahead of the right foot; this is what the human body does when it’s bracing the impact of a normal walk.

    However, it could just be an odd pose from some random model. And from what I can tell, it looks like the original figure was nude…or at least scantily clad.

    Now, add in the observations of the others, and this comes out to look like a complete fabrication. About the only thing I see in this image that’s real is the hospital itself.

  • bigpunkdrummer

    Sorry, I know the post is old.

    I’ve lived 5 minutes away from Waverly my whole life. Of course until recently it was off limits to the public (some weirdo wanted to tear it down and erect a giant Jesus statue). I did know a security guard who worked there though during those times, and boy did he always have a story.

    Anyways, This summer I am booked for my first overnight tour at the hospital. I don’t have fancy cameras or voice recorder’s, but I will try my best to get as many pics and EVP’s as possible with the devices I do have. Hopefully I’ll get some good stuff and be able to send GT a good story with ‘evidence’ for all of you loyal followers to debate/debunk.

  • Emberly 14

    Hey guys. I love this picture. I am taking a tour in July. I can not wait! I don’t know if it is real or fake, but I do know that it needs investigating. I am only 14, but I am a paranormal fanatic! Can’t wait!

  • Ophu

    Can’t take a closer look at this photo. There’s no way to enlarge it.

    Really, this site needs to be more tablet-friendly.

  • Bob Kane

    The negative denotes Ilford film. This is film is a black and white film that allows for fast processing like color film. The outcome is always a sepia image.