Visions of a young boy dressed in all white are now appearing in a home, shortly after children bought the Ouija board. Unexplained noises, and glass breaking have been occurring daily for a family of three from Lynn, Massachusetts.

“We hear noises all of the time,” said the mother who preferred to go by the name Bonnie. “Especially after my daughters brought home a ouija board a few months ago.”
“I saw a little boy in the back of my room,” one of the daughters claimed. “Then my mom saw the same little boy two nights later. I never told her about him either.”

Those ghostly premonitions prompted Bonnie to contact the Bangor Maine Ghost Hunters Association on a referral from her daughter in Maine, to finally get some answers and peace of mind.
A motley crew consisting of a former magician and three amateur ghost hunters – the Friday the 13th team was made up of Director Harold “Bubba” Murray, William Ammells, Cristal Murray and Michael Murray.

Established in 2000, Murray, a burly man originally from Lynn, said the investigations have taken the crew to numerous locations in Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire, as well as Lynn and Haverhill.

Aside from the Maine chapter, there are also Lynn and Haverhill offices.

“They contacted me to see what was going on in their home, so we’re here to see what we’re dealing with,” Murray said. “I don’t usually come this far from Maine to investigate, but she really pushed for us to come. So, we’re going to do a short term investigation (from Thursday night until Saturday) and then I’ll analyze what we find.”

Equipped with recorders that can pick up disembodied voices, cameras with night vision, and specialized meters to pick up electromagnetic fields and earth magnetism interruptions and fluctuations, the crew set out on a methodical search of the home.

Murray, who is also licensed as an ordained minister, said if he were to find a demonic or otherworldly spirit, he would use his supply of blessed holy water, a blessed crucifix, a bible and white candles to ward off the bad energy.

“We could either find that there is something of the paranormal or supernatural in the home,” he said. “It could be demons, a ghost or even carbon monoxide or radon that can affect the mind. But if whatever is in this house was a demon, it would have showed itself by now.”

Guided by the visions that the family has said they have seen, Ammells, Cristal and Michael slowly investigated rooms in the home to find clues as to what has supposedly gone bump in the night.

Things got a little spooky when the lights were turned off so that Ammells could snap some pictures to see if ghostly evidence could be detected on the film.

Comforted by the team’s presence, Sophia said she just wants to know what’s happening to her cozy home.

“I know there are good and evil spirits, so if it’s a good one, it can stay, but if it’s bad…then it has to go!” she said.

Murray said he would do all he could to ensure the family’s safety.

“It could just be a plain child ghost running around,” he said. “We’ll find out.”

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Full source: The daily

  • Glynis

    I never heard of anything good coming from the Ouija board. What do you think, Joe?

    Those things give me the creeps.

  • B

    I enjoy reading all the great infomation this site provides. But one thing I see a lot here is warnings about Ouija boards and there use. I admit Ive used them as a teenager at partyies and with friends. We were stoned or partying so we were stupid. We had things happen that scared us but never had any thing long term. But reading all the advise from experts saying that bad things happen even when you are not trying is too scary. Now much older, I want to pull out the ouija board and set the spirits free, or will I be inviting trouble into my home? Anyway, I have come here often to find the storyies i need to keep the hope alive that the dead do speak to us!!!

  • Ghost Girl

    ‘B’ I think you have gotten lucky. Ouija boards are dangerous and shouldn’t be used at all in my opinion BUT if you do make sure that you take the measures needed to protect yourself and your family, which isn’t much. This is the advice I give “DON’T MESS WITH ANYTHING IF YOU AREN’T WILLING TO DEAL WITH WHAT MIGHT COME OUT OF IT GOOD OR BAD”.

    I do believe the dead speak to us but you don’t need a ouija board to do it!!!

  • jbondo

    People think because it’s made by a major toy company that it’s harmless. Why? Why does that fact make it harmless?

    The fact is that I don’t like them and if asked my recommendation is to keep away from them. No reason to temp fate.

  • Tim Sayer

    Ideomotor motion.

    It’s the subcomcious movement of the participants doing it. There is nothing supernatural about ouija boards.
    (contains links to several articles on the subject from scientists.)
    (The science of Scam Channel 4 UK. Derren Brown and friend debunk the ouija board.)

    Now I’ve told you the correct term “Ideomotor action” you can google it yourself or even check out some books on the subject.

    I reccomend:

    Derren Brown’s: Tricks of the Mind.


    James Randi’s : Flim-Flam! Psychics, ESP, Unicorns, and Other Delusions

    Also have a look at:

    Derren Brown’s Seance.

    That should about cover it.

  • Shawn

    Ouija board must be discouraged and avoided at all cost. However there are few things that can be done to prevent inviting evil spirits from evading your home. Make sure when you are communicating with any spirits, to do a closure at the end of the session. If you dont end the session with a closure, you are keeping the portal open. Also, line a circle of white candles around the the board. White candles is a symbol of purity and protection. So make sure you are outside the circle and at the end close the circle with a blessing, and a good bye.

    But as said above, it is highly discouraged due to inviting powerful and unwanted spirits which will be hard to rid of.

  • qwyzl

    i no longer believe stories i hear about peoples’ bad or weird experiences. too many times these stories turn out to be fake or people freak them selves out so much that they take normal occurences, blow them out of proportion and attribute the “super natural” to them. for the most part, people scare them SELVES silly; there’s no super natural stuff going on. i don’t discount the possiblility of the super natural, nor of “ghosts” and such, but i don’t believe every story i hear any more. and then there’s people who lie to get media attention. too many people have such “honest” faces, of which they are fully aware, that one would think they couldn’t possibly lie. not so. just watch a good black and white movie from the 1940’s. the men are always being suckered by a beautiful, “angelic” looking woman. (that’s not to say men don’t do the same thing – both sexes can be equally devious, be cause some people of either gender are born with criminal tendencies).