UFO videotaped near Remote FL hunting camp


ST. MARKS, FL – Feb. 19, 2009 – Three men at a remote hunting camp near the Gulf of Mexico spotted a strange light in the sky. One chased the object on a 4-wheeler and captured the anomaly using both video and a digital still camera.

David Smith rode three miles through the woods tracking the object until he located an open area which gave him a better view. His digital still photos were not looking good, so he switched to video. The video shows the object “morphing” – changing shape. David also noticed that the object emitted a sound each time it changed shape – which was picked up on the video.

Back at camp, the three realized there were two objects in the sky. The two men who remained at camp watched one object, while David chased and photographed the second.

David’s photos were cropped and enlarged for this story. Four pieces of video shot by David are included with this report. The following is David’s unedited story of what happened.

8:22 PM , Finishing dinner myself and two other hunters walked out of the Cook shed, and noticed a bright star, off to the west of our camp. This would place it just above the tree tops, in an area close to the St. Marks River, aprox. 4 Miles off the gulf of Mexico, just south of Tallahassee FL.
The first thing we noticed was that the object was much brighter than the stars, even Venus, and at first thought that it may have been the run way head lights of a commercial jet, getting into a landing pattern at the Tallahassee airport. But we were aprox. 25 miles from the airport so we discounted this possibility. We continued to watch as this object had a noticeable path of movement, but at an almost hovering speed, with no rapid movement.

Chases UFO

I ran back to my camper and grabbed my camera, Jumped on my 4-wheeler, and headed to find a clear area in forest that would allow me some clear video or still photo’s.

I lost site of the object, when I headed out for a few moments, then saw it again headed in a south to southwest direction, towards the direction of the Gulf, so I proceeded to drive until a spot was located that I could film. Finally after driving aprox 3 miles, I was able to shoot some stills, but the flash on the camera, and the delay from the digital shot, was clearly a poor choice.

I switched to video and began taking a series of shot clips moving along the forest, to catch a clear spot between the pines. I finally was able to capture a video clip, that was clear so I turned off the 4-wheeler, and keep filming.

Two UFOs

Finally it moved off falling lower than the tree tops so I gave up chase and headed back to camp. Upon arrival, I confronted the other two witnesses, and told them that I had gotten some video but lost it shortly afterwards.

Only to my surprise, it was pointed out that they had been watching the same object the entire time I was gone, which was about 40 min. Not only that but they pointed out this object again to me, in a north to north west location in the sky at about 45 degrees. As it turns out there were two UFO’s not one.

UFO audio captured

Better yet, the biggest surprise was when I down loaded the video, and reviewed it, there was a definite audio signal emitted from this object. The video’s where I turned off my 4-wheeler, and was only picking up the out door insects, you can hear the signal each time the object pulses, changing size, density, color and Brightness.

Full source: Examiner

Joe Ruiz