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David Carradine's interview in "Celebrity Ghost Stories"

Celebrity Ghost Stories is an interesting show in the Biography channel, in which several celebrities discuss some of their paranormal experiences.

The October 3rd showing will include something which was hidden from the media: The late David Carradine ‘Celebrity Ghost Stories’ interview.

Watch it.

File this squarely under creepy. A few months before his body was found hanging in a Bangkok hotel room closet, David Carradine sat down to discuss a ghost he believed was haunting him … from a closet.

The interview, taped for the Oct. 3 premiere of the BIO show ‘Celebrity Ghost Stories,’ centers on Carradine’s belief that his wife Annie’s deceased husband Dana was using the closet in their bedroom as home base to spook them. In the footage, the late ‘Kung Fu’ actor describes the “icy cold” feeling he got.

“I think he was hanging out in the closet, and sometimes when I walked into that closet … it would be cold in there, unreasonably cold,” Carradine said, according to quotes from the New York Post, which claims it’s his final interview ever.

Carradine was equally freaked out by one of Dana’s ties that remained in the closet. “[It] was turned around and it had a little logo attached to it … that said ‘Grateful Dead,’ and I thought, what does he mean by that?”

“It was obviously a joke, that the dead were grateful . . . it was the only way he could communicate [that] he now felt like everything was settled, the kids were taken care of and I was gonna be there for them,” Carradine said. “And I will be.”

Carradine died of asphyxiation on June 3 after an apparent self-bondage episode went horribly wrong. He was found naked with a rope tied around his neck.

Rob Sharenow, BIO’s senior VP of programming, said the network didn’t want to exploit Carradine’s death, so they held the episode and didn’t mention the actor’s involvement until now.

“We wanted to be respectful, first and foremost, and to roll the show out as planned,” he told the Post.

And “roll the show” they shall, with Carradine featured heavily in marketing materials.

“We’re absolutely going to feature the Carradine story prominently the week it airs,” he says. “While we don’t want to appear as if we were exploiting his misfortune … we don’t want to be shy about talking about it.”

“It’s extraordinary — and people are going to notice it.”

Other stars who revealed their own ghost stories include Joan Rivers, Scott Baio and Carnie Wilson.

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  • Gary

    I would see ghosts too if I was doing auto-erotic asphyxiation :p

    Anyhows, I don’t know how I feel about celebrities telling their ghost stories. For some, they have a reputation and thus are stepping out of their comfort zone to discuss this with possible ridicule, but others (most notably the ones listed at the bottom of the article) have fallen far from the limelight and might say anything just to get a little face time.

  • Heather

    After seeing many shows on ghostly hauntings on discovery channel, what if the ghost of Annie’s first husband, Dana, followed Carradine to Bangkok and killed him? Or drove Carradine to do that? Conspiracy theories anyone?

  • Barbara


    I thought the same thing. Or what if Dana, (Ghost) was trying to warn Carridine, even to the point of blatantly pointing out the fact that David was right, the cold indicated a ghost, (a dead person) hence the hint: grateful DEAD.

    Maybe he saw it coming and wanted him to think about death and the possibility he might be flirting with it, seriously. I mean why else did the ghost choose the closet to send this feeling.

    Anyway, I liked the guy and I’m sorry he’s gone, and I hope he’s not in that closet forever now.

  • Robin

    I watch a lot of these shows, particularly “Ghost Adventures” on the Travel Channel. Zac, Nick, and Aaron have all made claims that things from their investigations have followed them home. What if Carradine had stirred up something by moving into his new wife’s home, a year after her previous husband had died?? I feel this haunting that Carradine felt could have played a serious role in his death. Whether something attached to him, and followed him, or if it had gotten into his head, and caused him to do this to himself, either way…he wasn’t alone in that hotel room when he died. Who was with him, and were they living or dead? I feel if someone had murdered him they would have found some kind of evidence…it’s just extremely creepy that they still dont know exactly what happened…..

  • Donna

    okay. I dated Dana Bierman in high school and he was my first boyfriend. Dana was a wonderful person. He was kind and gentle, and loved Annie and his twins – who I happened to bump into in a park In Woodland Hills when the twins were babies. Dana died within a very short time (a month) having cancer that spread quickly. He probably wasn’t ready to go. But the last thing would be that he didn’t hang out with David Carrdine – who was weird and an old hippie who married Annie. who knowns what kind of freak she really was to marry an old “actor” who needs to be viewed as a movie star and lives for being noticed and has to be with a younger woman. Dana left Annie with a lot of money!!! That’s what I know to be true. Carridine was kind of a loser and a big alcholic. He probably had no money and Annie could take care of him financially. Sorry people. Carrdine was a weird old ACTOR! Get it. Annie made a bad choice the third time. I hope Dana’s children are doing well.