“For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don’t believe, no proof is possible.” - Stuart Chase


Joy, Stow is only about 25 miles away from me. After having coyotes come back into the area over the last few years, now I gotta deal with Mothmen too? Time to talk to my real estate agent…

The following account was referred to me by the Munroe Falls Paranormal Society…Lon

MFPS was contacted by a person who had an extremely odd sighting of an entity here in Stow, OH an adjacent community of my hometown. Witness wife contacted me with story and after several days of negotiation, witness agreed to meet with me, recreate the events and answer questions. Witness extremely hesitant, but wife persuaded him to give story. Night of 9/14/09 witness, who wishes to remain anonymous, but name and other vitals on record, was driving to work, 10:15pm, Northbound on Hudson Drive. As witness drove under the RT8 overpass bridge, just north of the Hudson Drive Applebee’s Restaurant, he sighted a 9-10′ tall solid black entity standing on the southbound side of the road. No discernible head or facial features noticed. Duration approx. 5-10secs. Distance approx 15-20′ from his vehicle.

Witness had the feeling the entity was watching him and was “there” for him only. No other vehicles/persons present during sighting. Immediately after turning his head back to the road, he looked in rearview mirror, entity no longer visible. Did not see entity depart or disappear. Witness became extremely upset and scared. Felt that he paled, and his eyes began to water uncontrollably. First thought was to turn around and go home, calling off of work. He tried to call his wife at home, but cell phone would not work, either from the programmed address book, or manual input calling. Kept getting “call failed”, which has never happened before. Cell phone continued to be affected all the way to the I-271 entrance ramp, approx. 8-10 miles up the road. Witness did make it to his job, but has since regretted not turning around and going home, due to his state of mind. The experience was traumatic in every sense of that word. It was a “bad” night for him at work.

Weather was clear, starry. No other known witnesses, no animal sightings. Other than the uncontrollable watering of the eyes, no other physiological or physical effects on his person. Other than the cell phone not working, no other effects noticed on inanimate objects, such as streetlights, car, or timepiece (watch). There was no religious interpretation, no known memory lapse, no dreaming related to sighting as of this report. Witness did report close encounter with UAO as a ten year old when he lived in Akron, other than that, no overt paranormal experiences were reported during his normal daily life. Witness tried to box his sighting into something prosaic. Closest he could come was an electric company canvas transformer covering, but on reflection, he’s certain that that was not what he observed. Entity too tall, too big for that. Witness stated that immediately after the sighting he became more and more agitated and scared the further he drove along. Distinct feeling that the entity was waiting for him and possibly following him, but he did not see it again, that night. No disturbances at witness place of residence. The following day on his way home, as he neared the RT8 overpass, this time driving over the bridge he went under the day before, as he approached the bridge area, his eyes began to water uncontrollably once again, as he drove over the bridge and his eyes continued to water, until he passed beyond the bridge, then his eyes began to clear up.

Witness provided me a pencil drawing of what he observed. When I first saw the drawing I was incredulous. The drawing bears an uncanny resemblance to the original drawing submitted by the original MOTHMAN witness of Point Pleasant WV, 1966. Witness willing to keep me informed of any further sightings or activity. I believe I have gained his trust, as I mentioned he wasn’t really interested in coming forth with this. My intuitive reaction is that witness is extremely believable and honest in his testimony. No outrageous embellishments to either his story, which I made him relate twice, nor to his drawing, which was really rather simple in nature.

So in the end, no answers at this point, but the eerie drawing he provided and it’s uncanny resemblance to the MOTHMAN legacy are very much intriguing. I will continue to correspond and follow up with witness periodically and will be anxiously awaiting to see if any other sightings are reported in this vicinity that might validate this entity’s appearance.

Source: Phantoms&Monsters

  • Gary,

    Reminds me of the “man bat” sightings in Mexico:


    Glad the only thing I have to worry about are sewer rats!



  • jbondo

    Other than Bigfoot, Mothman is the only Cryptid that really interests me. Many claim Mothman is passing thru a portal from another dimension. IMO, most Mothman sightings can be attributed to owls.

    Who knows what lurks in the minds of man or in the unknown reaches of the universe.

  • Jss

    eee! it makes my eyes water just reading about it. i can imagine the terror he felt, all alone on that highway. soo scary.