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    “For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don’t believe, no proof is possible.” - Stuart Chase

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  • Orbs: End of controversy?10

    From time to time we have to revisit certain subjects as evidence comes to light or discussion takes into previous conversations. One of those subjects visited often is the subject of orbs. Dust, pollen or spirits? I ran across a great article pertaining to research into the orb phenomenon, at Parascience, where Steve Parson has

  • The Pump House and the Parabot12

    So I start visiting my usual sites that I check out for paranormal news, and run across this story at one of them. Robert Bess has created a robot called the ‘Parabot’ a remote controlled chamber designed to capture ghosts, and also make them visible. Intrigued, I continued to search and hunt for stories and

  • Queen Mary Apparition?13

    I wanted to cover the latest ghost video to spread across the internet, which is the Queen Mary video from APRA (American Paranormal Research Association) in which the claim is made that this is a ghost in one of the changing stalls near the pool. The pool is supposedly one of the most haunted areas

  • Paranormal Disenchantment4

      As I was reading Javier’s articleon the questionable actions of Kevin Horkin, he raised the notion of the paranormal  putting those that are interested, into laughable positions, publicly. I couldn’t agree more with that position. We are covering more and more questionable paranormal/crypto/ufo stories every week it appears, with no end in site. It


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