“For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don’t believe, no proof is possible.” - Stuart Chase


I’ve been reading this ongoing battle since it has started on September 23, when I found a article at UFO Iconoclasts by Anthony Braglia stating “The Socorro UFO Hoax Exposed”. What followed was a firestorm. Anthony Braglia has written many articles for UFO Iconoclast over the years and many of them are excellent, especially his research into the events swirling around Roswell. So I think people were taken back at the posting of this article as Anthony strays away from trying to help prove the existence of UFO’s to proving the hoaxing of one of the most documented UFO’s in current history. Now this shouldn’t suprise people. If you are going to do proper journalism, you will shouldn’t be biased in one direction or the other. What I think suprised most people was the type of evidence gathered, which leaves most readers questioning the facts as we knew them, historically speaking.

There is actually so many pages of material, that I’m not going to use the standard format we use here at GhostTheory. Instead, I am going to list the links to the sites in chronological order for you to read.






It’s all very interesting to read through, as long as you have the time. In the end, both sides of the argument make good points. Braglia’s proof boils down to circumstantial evidence with hearsay attached to it. On the other side of the argument,   the evidence gathered at the time is what it is, and points towards a UFO.


Personally, I think Braglia’s assumptions are overdone in the end. Even though the Tech students pranked and hoaxed the military before, I can’t see how they could get away with it to the point that the military or even the local police wouldn’t have been driven to skepticism by their efforts. Lonnie Zamora was a peace officer in a small town next to a -military- airbase. You have to think about that, and especially in that era. He probably watched the skies on a daily basis as military aircraft flew around the area. More than likely, he is not going to mistaken a weather balloon for a UFO. Keep in mind that Tech received weather balloons for their curriculum, and were more than likely launching them semi-regularly, so I am sure just about everyone in town knew what a weather balloon looked like.

I can understand that Dr. Colgate wants to help protect the hoaxers because he has a friend who is one of them, and who knows who this friend might be. He could be highly placed within the science community currently. Yet you almost have to think that one of these hoaxers would have come forward by now. If they truly are scientists at this point of time, they would only help the dogma of mainstream science as it exists today by revealing the truth. If they were any lower on the totem pole of life, why not say something! You can probably get a book deal out of it. There really is no credible reason to withhold information of this calibre. Ok, they tricked the military, the police, the world. Zamora’s life was basically ruined by this incident. Why remain mum? There really is no reason to further the hoax, especially one that took on a life all it’s own.