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A&E's Extreme Paranormal
A&E's Extreme Paranormal

If you have not read my review of the show, please do so.

After I talked about the show’s premiere episode I did not want to mention the show again and give anymore publicity to the show.
I recently read about an online petition that is going around that seeks to to get the producers of the show to remove it from the A&E network. It reads:

To: The A&E Television Network, Painless Entertainment, Brownstone Entertainment, Jim Casey, Joe Carolei, Drew Brown, Rob Hammersley, Robert Sharenow, Elaine Frontain Bryant
We the undersigned respectfully order that the the television show “Extreme Paranormal” be removed from the network immediately and all production of the show cease immediately as well.

The show does NOT represent the true paranormal researcher, nor is it responsible ghost hunting. And it definitely is not adding any scientific validity to our field! But instead it makes a mockery of the field we all try to make as professional and credible as we can. No legitimate paranormal group acts the way that was displayed during this show.

This show is a prime example of why the public has such a bad perception of paranormal investigators and investigations. The show is dangerous and concerning and we respectfully order that it be removed from the network and all production on the show cease immediately.


The Undersigned


The last episode I watched was the “Voodoo” episode. I did not finish it because of the racist message it conveyed. Here we have men that have no idea what they are doing paranormal wise, yet think that they know a thing about Voodoo. In the show, they paint the religion as evil. Showing the stereotypical rituals that have been demonized by Hollywood.

The origins (and purpose) of Voodoo is not as it’s painted. It’s a very good religion when you get down to its core. Although there are a lot of denominations of it, the origins are not as “theatrical” as painted out to be.

Voodoo’s core belief is not about evil!

Extreme Paranormal focused on such theatrics. Adding “spooky” sound effects, rituals and focusing only on the negative; the team decides to bury one of their team members in their dire efforts to bring out the demons.

I’m seriously disgusted by this racist act. So much that I didn’t finish it and vowed to not write about them. Obviously I’m writing about then now, but it’s for a good cause.

If you feel that this show devalues parapsychology or the paranormal in general, please sign this petition.

You know you’re doing bad when even Chris Moon is shaking his head at you!

  • Fugue70

    The show rocks and kept my attention!!! Love it!!!

  • Exbboy510

    This show is ridiculous in the first episode at the state pen they showed a so called “shadow man” on video but it obviously was a shadow of an object because it did.not just appeared out of thin air and it just stayed there in the corner also when one team member was locked in the cell he said something pushed his chest then he panicked and wanted out immediatly this is not a paranormal investigation team these are amateur guys with there own tv show I guarantee I can investigate better.

  • Dhuntersun

    These guys are enraging spirits that are already trapped and confused. I couldn’t believe the episode which re-enacts the burning of the body in Pen State! They tell a spirit to pass, then they mock and disturb and disrespect damaging the cells, yelling out instigating what ever spirit is trapped in there! Please have kindness and hope if you want to help them move on. Respect the dead even if they were prisoners. Many already paid for their sins with their life!

  • Tony

    I loved the show if you didn’t like it change the channel, I wrote A&E and asked for more episodes.

  • emajy carpenter

    no offense but i don’t think i should of been removed no one put a gun to your head and forced you to watch it nor is the channel it on the only channel there is this is like me saying anything to do with god should be taken off the air as i don’t believe him and there is no scientific proof of him and he or any reference should not be on your channel because some of us disagree your a just a bunch of babies whos lives are so meaning less you have nothing better to do but moan bitch and complain because you disagree and cant keep your opinion as your own instead ram it down everyone’s throat till you get your way the same behavior that has been responsible for wars murders and lack of peace on earth if everyone just state i disagree with that and will not have anything to do with it and then got on with there lives but accepted that not evryone feels the same as them we would have a better understanding of peace and equality