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  • Lindsay

    sleep paralysis ftw! scary shit

  • anet

    No, not ruining my story at all! It would be nice to have an explaintion though. We recently had a freind who committec suicide as well. My husband did not see the door bell get de-pressed. Just a freaky thing I guess. We’ll see what happens tonight! Thanks for your comments though. I’ll let you know if more occurs.

  • Aimeejkendall

    theres our problem your wearing petagrams and contacting witches whether there white or not what you need is GOD on your side my friend it wont leave without a fight.especially if u r turning your life around the right way thats just my opinion that i know will work its up 2 u .

  • ankit

    the sulfur small he smelt could be the devil coming

  • Water

    This got my attention because my son and I heard a very erie growl on the other side of the door our first night in a room we were staying in at a new place (a shelter) I left my partner days before and left him our apartment and everything we owned. Minutes after entering our room we both heard the most terrifying sound ever!!! It was a growl, but not any kind I’ve ever heard in my life. As terrified as I was I jumped up and opened the door to find nothing. Just as I was about to shut it the lady in the room next to us opened hers. I immediately asked her if there were any dogs here, she laughed said no. I asked her if she heard anything like a dog growl, she said no. Days later I went back to our apartment and found my boyfriend passed away in our bed. He had committed suicide.