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For the past 2-3 years I’ve been hearing about this “Sylvanic Bigfoot” project which is spearheaded by Todd Standing.

Todd Standing is a columnist for and a Bigfoot researcher. He’s made quite a lot of headlines in the Bigfoot community by coming forward with video “proof” of these bipedal, ape-like creatures that he has filmed in recent expeditions. It doesn’t just end there, he also claims to know a secret location called “Sylvanic” (According to Todd, this is the name given by the “native” people) said to be a hidden valley nestled deep into the American Rockies.

Todd and his team have released several teaser videos as proof and claim that they are keeping the location secret in order to protect the newly found creatures. Their website has very limited information as to who the team is and what it is they actually found. Here is a preview of a documentary that they have been working on.

Their website itself holds no real information. There are a few links for an online store to buy the “video evidence” of the creatures they filmed. Not a surprise.
So what is the real story behind the “Sylvanic Bigfoot” ?

According to Todd’s Youtube account, there is a short video clip of the supposed evidence that was captured recently. The video was uploaded to Youtube on November 27, 2009. I don’t know the date of the video itself.

As far as most of the information from, the details of the location or more video proof cannot be divulged due to the team’s effort to help protect these creatures.

So if they know the supposed location of these creatures, why not invite biologists, researchers and other scientists to go with them on an excursion to the area?
Their website offers the following explanation:

Our goal is to carefully gather as much information about this species while adhering to our first priority, which is to ensure we do not compromise the research site in any way. This species has zero tolerance for any sustained human presence. When a habitat is compromised, not only do we lose a valuable research site, these animals lose their home. Loss of a habitat means loss of life. Our priority now and always will be the welfare of this species. If we feel our work in any way leads to the detriment of these animals our work will stop immediately.

Our ultimate goal is to discover an intact body that has expired due to natural causes.

  • Gary

    Good stuff ME! Excellent investigative work too BTW!

  • ME

    Well, well, well, lookie here.

    Lil’ Sis, we have missed you so much. Mean old Todd never gave you the credit due in that First Expedition where it was YOU who caught all that magnificent footage of them hairy beasts up on the hill. Then he wrote you out of the script. Don’t you just hate when that happens in your industry, especially after such a grueling long trek into the wilderness land of Sylvanic, North America.

    And so it seems, Louise IS ‘Louise Standing’. She looks to be about the right age too. Oh and one of her interests just happens to be ‘Makeup Art’ too. Hmmm…

    And don’t you guys just love the way she said the above?:

    “Louise says:
    January 7, 2010 at 4:23 AM
    Henry, his petition for protection in canada was heard before the house of commons. I’ve personally seen it on it the news. In the US he is just beginning his petition…”

    She’s personally “seen it on the news”! I bet she has. It seems that storytelling runs in the family. You guys ever heard of a shill? I believe there were a few of them on the Unexplained Mysteries forum too when Standing was posting there.

    And the house of cards comes crashing down.

  • ME

    My oh my, it just keeps getting better.

    It does seem Lil’ Sis has grown up to be a very big and ‘talented’ girl. And all big girls have Facebook pages don’t they?

    But so do big brothers, or did. Scroll down on the left column of her page and click on ‘Todd’ in Officers. Oh don’t worry Louise & Todd, I’ve already archived your pages for “Educational Purposes” of course. 🙂

    Look at the URL of the ‘Todd’ page you clicked. Yep, it does say Todd Standing in the URL. Hmmm

    But just who is Todd Rockwell, the Director of OutStanding Productions? But again, it says Todd Standing in the URL at the top of the page? Hmmm? Again

    And to corroborate something more, Todd Rockwell is stated as the Director on the Outstanding Productions Website under Contacts.

    Just what could all this mean? Now I am beginning to ask: Who is Todd Standing, or is that Todd Rockwell? My My, it is all so confusing.

    And Louise, just how many years have you been involved in Film Production AND Makeup Art?

    As Ricky Recardo used to say: “Louise (I know, its Lucy), You have some splainin’ to do!”.

    Of course Louise also calls Todd her slave on Facebook too. Hmmm… :^) (Had to mention that for fun)

    And the next BIG question is: Is Todd Rockwell and Todd Standing one and the same? Stay Tuned.

  • Wildcat

    Ah, she is cute though… Looks like I will have to reopen the tooth fairy investigation.

  • ME

    Sorry Henry, I had a run of information there to pursue. lol

    You can reach me here. [email protected]

    Oops, guess I also spelled Ricky Ricardo’s last name wrong. 🙁

  • ME

    Todd – whatever your last name is.

    I know you’re reading this. So many of us recognized that many elements just didn’t add up in your stories. What was it all about Todd? Was it a buildup of publicity for the production company, like PT Barnum did? Was it wishful thinking about becoming a researcher? Was it just a plain hoax to see how much of the world you could fool? Depending on how you as Todd Rockwell fit in, you appear to be very talented with video & electronics, but also with spinning a yarn. Problem is, it probably became as convoluted for you as it did for us, and you couldn’t remember half of what you said in the past. You also counted on people forgetting. But there were a few people like me still keeping track. That, you simply didn’t count on.

    Yes, these creatures do exist, you are right there. But the way you painted them and of how your expeditions kept evolving, just kept contradicting past statements of yours. There is no such place as Sylvanic, it just doesn’t fit within North American nomenclature. Why Todd? Time to come clean OK. Bravo, you fooled so many people, you skated by for several years. Well Todd guess what, the gig is finally up!

  • Hi Todd & Readers,

    I smell a hoax like the one Dyer and Wheaton pulled off in 2008 and I wonder if the infamous TB is around. Remember the late Carl Sagan, “Extroidinary claims require extroidinary evidence”. So far I don’t see solid evidence.

    Your video lacks detail to determine if it could be a costume. At the range you describe modern video cameras have encough resolution to provide far better results than you present.

    As for your protection of the species? Why not take the evidence to the White House to get an Executive Order from the President to temporarily protect the area until Congress could act?

    Cmon Todd or whoever you are. You’re bluff is being called so either produce or get the label of hoaxer. My best,


  • I am very familiar with the Bigfoot mystery and would agree that this is all a hoax. According to the Bigfoot information that is out there and the research being done such a place has yet to be discovered.

  • Eagle


    We may have crossed paths a time or two and perhaps even walked the same trail. 15 years of my life, I have devoted to photographing this thing, what ever it may be,some sort of primate for sure, and I have yet to get one simple picture that is worthy to put in front of anyone credible. I will not reveal who I am until the day comes that I have the proof the world needs to believe. Harder said than done. You are right about one thing, they travel in pods and are never far away from each other. It is truly amazing to be able to see one of these things move at speed, hard for the mind to comprehend an animal that big can move that fast and that quitely. It could litterally wear my old unit motto, (Swift,Silent,Deadly).

    15 years and a few skills and I have not been able to produce one simple picture. Alaska is my next stop. Even I am a little uneasy about this one.

    Have you heard of the island with the inverted trees? Going to check it out.

    Give me a shout if you want an opinion on how to get one of these things without getting ripped apart. It might just work if you can really get that close to these creatures more than once.

    The issue I am having trouble with is the size difference between a full grown Silverback and the Unidentified one. The SB is stronger than the human can imagine but when you put this thing into account and add in its size and weight, the strength of this thing is unimaginable. 50 100 times stronger than that of an avg. Joe? It is hard to imagine and I don’t want to find out the wrong way. Too much invested.

    GODSPEED on your future missions, and if you take the Doc out to the field in the summer, don’t let him get hurt.


  • Darren

    Todd Standing is a scammer.Has been from day one. None of his stories add up. I see now that his Sylvanic website is no longer operating. Over the years he has described himself as a scientist, researcher and chemist. On his myspace site he says he pasterizes milk. His vidoes are obvious fakes. Just like him. Go away Todd please. Your 15 minutes were up several years ago.

  • Hey Todd,

    Keep up the good work. You may be on to something. Ignore the cyber bullies. They are probably all from Cryptomundo. Loren Coleman has a solid track record of inciting hate against those who are about to make a breakthrough.

    F*** Cryptomundo.


  • Melissa

    I agree that this has to be a hoax….there is no doubt that these creatures exist, I have seen one myself so no one will ever convince me otherwise. My biggest problem is these people that talk about how it is so important to prove they are there so we can “protect” them. Really? They have been out there in our forests and mountains for hundreds of years and a vast majority of the human population doesn’t even believe they are real. They have been doing a wonderful job of protecting themselves, they don’t need us to “protect” them.

    Also, with all the technology out there today and as close as you claim to be to these creatures, you could have produced MUCH better footage than that you have presented here. Again, I KNOW that these creatures are out there, what you are doing is a great dis-service to them and us. Please just stop.

    Thank you.

  • Paula Holland

    I think Todd is telling the truth. He is right these fools that are saying he is lying, if he said where the place was they would be the first to go kill everyone of them. They could care less. Nothing in this world is sacred anymore. People just want to destroy everthing. I think they are there and I hope he can keep on his efforts and bring back more info. He has said anybody that wants to go and see for their self to come and go with them experts I hope would be the ones to go. Good Luck Paula

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